Winter Sports

  • Hey, mates.

    The new season (2017-2018) in the winter sports has already started. In the past there were other sports like hockey , volleyball etc. which also had their own topic, so the winter sports deserve their important place in the OSM: The Sports bar.

    So , this is a topic for all those disciplines: Biathlon, Downhill, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combination, Snowboard etc. which will be part of the Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea in February, 2018

    Everyone, feel free to post here your oppinions and bets for every competition in each sport.

    !Today's shedule: Ski Jumping in Wisla, Poland,
    Type of competion: National teams event
    Competitios: Germany, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Japan, Russia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Switzerland.

  • Slovenian are excellent in winter sports, so I like this topic and hope there will be good posts ;)

  • @sovjet-11
    Especially in Ski Jumping: brothers Prevc, the veteran Kranjec. I ,mostly like the style of Jurij Tepes, he is totally unpredictable, in just a day he could make the best and the worst jump in a whole competition :grinning: Zan Kosir in snowboard aswell.
    I remember also Petra Majdic in ski running, she finished a race with broken ribs andeven won a medal on the next day. I reacted like: Wow, this woman is braver than the men XD

  • wow lad, you impressed me with your knowledge of our winter athletes, greatly! bravo!! :D ;)

  • :ice_skate: :hockey: :skier: :snowboarder: :ski: :cloud_snow: :snowman2: :snowman: :christmas_tree: :man_with_chinese_cap: :santa: :mountain_snow:

  • @jorge-h68 said in Winter Sports:

    :ice_skate: :hockey: :skier: :snowboarder: :ski: :cloud_snow: :snowman2: :snowman: :christmas_tree: :man_with_chinese_cap: :santa: :mountain_snow:

    And also... :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :hatched_chick: :penguin: :penguin:

  • @jorge-h68
    Yeah bro: winter sports=life ;)

  • @sovjet-11
    I haven't missed a ski compeition is some of the desciplines for 10 years :grinning:
    Since the other guys had football idols, mine were Bode Miller, Ivica Kostelic, Käisa Makkarainen, Simon Ammann, Kranjec and such.

  • This brings back so many nice memories :smile:

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