Need help with tactics.

  • Hello,

    I play a 3-4-3 as Everton and my setup is:
    Ramires (103 rating)
    Unal (104 Rating)
    Aguero (99 Rating)

    Barkley (107 rating)
    Klaassen (103 rating)
    Vlasic (100 rating)
    Chiesa (100 rating)

    Ghoulam (96 rating)
    Keane (105 Rating)
    Hysaj (103 rating)

    Pickford (110 rating).

    Still i lose or draw to teams that has much less rating than i have, i have the best rated setup in my league and i'm only on 6th place.

    What tactics should i play or what formation should i play instead?

  • @zlatanbojken Well, first of all I would say that your Midfield is way too offensive. From the top of my head, Only Vlasic is somewhat defensive, but Klaassen, Barkley and Chiesa definitly are not.

    Second, what is your tactic? Your playstyle, Offside trap, etc.?

    I will add a screenshot of my own everton team right now, I am in first place, 2 points away from Liverpool

  • @The-Master-Of-Dank-Memes_NL

    First of all, jesus christ your team!

    Second, my tactics at the moment are:
    Wing Play
    Forwards: Attack Only
    Midfielders: Push Forward
    Defenders: Defend Deep

    Marking: Man Marking
    Offside Trap: Yes
    Tackling (Depends on the referee), mostly Aggressive.
    Pressing: 85 (Press high up the pitch)
    Style: 70 (Attacking)
    Tempo: 50 (Play Possession).

    My bench is:
    Forward: Rooney (99)
    Romero M. (74, just bought him).

    Midfielders: Can (98)
    Schneidelin (95)
    Sigurdsson (92)

    Rose D. (94)
    Funes Mori (85).

    I didn't even know that their real positions made so much, i mean - i only check how much attack / defence they have and set-up the line-up after that.

    Looking forward for your reply!

  • @zlatanbojken
    Okay, here is what I think might help

    1. Change Midfielders to stay on the midfield instead of attacking / supporting the attackers
    2. Change Man Marking to Zone Covering, since you use Offside Trap
    3. Change Pressing, Style & Tempo to 79 each, I use this as well
    4. Try to buy a few young players around 80/90, so you are able to train them faster than your other players, since Schneiderlin & Sigurdsson are kinda too old to train properly

    Could you also post your specialists? These are important as well.
    Maybe include a screenshot of your whole squad as well

  • Hi again!

    Thanks you for reply.

    I have now changed the tactics you've written down :)

    Yeah, all of my players are young except for Schneidelin and Sigurdsson. Trying to find some good replacement for those two.

    My specialist right now are:
    Captain: Pickford (changed this one the last 3 games, no idea who i should pick).

    Penalties: Aguero

    Free kicks: Aguero (Think i can go for a better option here, don't know who.

    Corners: Vlasic.

    I also send my line-up here for you.
    0_1511862545533_Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.48.45.png

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  • @zlatanbojken Could you change the view to overall ratings? So that I can see Their defending, attack and overall?

    Also one with age please, for your captain

  • Absolutely!

    0_1511863103140_Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.58.05.png

  • Alrighty,
    Captain: Rooney, Put Ünal on the bench for training
    Penalty: Ramirez
    Free Kicks: Barkley
    Corner: Tough one, since you have no defensive players on midfield. Replace Vlasic with Can and make him corner specialist

  • Alright, i have now changed the line-up and specialists.

    Shouldn't i play with Unal from time to time? If so, which one should i replace him with?

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