Can we pls end the last minute Training Camp option?

  • Dutch Users

    Is it possible for OSM to disable the last minute training camp? It really ruines the fun.

    E.g. the match is played around 19:00, I last checked the game at 18:30 or something. After having dinner I check to see my result and on my phone I see that at 19:03 my opponent went on a training camp and by 19:08 the match is played. I think this is unfair, so I would like to suggest that training camps can not be assessed in say the last hour. And you can only go on training camp in the last hour if you're opponent is either going on a training camp or has 'secret training' switched on. This would be way more fair imo.

  • English Moderator

    Why would last minute training camp be disabled? Because some manager was outsmarted by another manager (his opponent)? Definitely not!
    Actually, this is the fun of the game. Managers could even change their formation and tactics at the last minute and it's up to the other manager to figure out how he can counter his opponent. That's why in the scout tutorial, managers are told that the scout info could be outdated depending on the time he's used last. That's why on important matches some managers do stay online and keep monitoring their opponent till the game is played.
    So this isn't gonna change because of your reason above.