sell players at what price?

  • I currently play atletico madrid and get my high-priced player not sold :( I went down with the price 50% of the maximum price and the players are just not sell, maybe you have a good advice for me?

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    There was a bug regarding selling players via the transferlist. This should be resolved by now though.

    However, high valued players (any above 13/14 million) are not sold that quickly. This will take awhile. Keep the price fair and maybe another manager buys your transfer listed player.

  • @vinçentó-beçker_nl what is fair? I mean 50% of the maximum price should be ok, right? many write one should take 75 to 80% even. but it takes forever

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    Well, I just putt them down for double the value. If the player has a 12 million value, I sell for 24 million. It takes me days tho.

    Thus, that is why I take on the lesser clubs and during the season I sell anyone that I can replace with a better one. One downside is that I rarely have a topscorer due to the fact that even my strikers get replaced - thank for scoring 12 goals and doing well, bye now :P .

  • @vinçentó-beçker_nl Can't sell 31 year old goalkeeper regardless of price. Frustrating.

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    How far along is your competition? How many goalies are on the transferlist?

    Keep the goalie on transferlist (TL) for the same (normal) price a few days. Do not change it every 2 days. Anyone I put on the TL, for a normal price, is sold within 72 hours.

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