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  • When all clubs will be licensed,as well as player?
    Why easy do not do it that I can if I i Spanish league buy players from English League which is not on Transfer Listed.Why I can not buy players which I want and does not have it on the transfer list.The game would be much better to have such possibility!!!!!!
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    @cis-runiglop said in King_Jamiu_10:

    theme which you have locked ! @King_Jamiu_10

    Scout finds three players and they are not as i wish! I want to buy the player I want for example I'm playing with manchester city and I want to buy messi,ronaldo,griezman,bale and so on.You just do not make it as in FIFA,PES,there is no choice to enter the search engine and find the player I want I make a bid and buy it!!!!
    I think a lot of people would agree with me about this,the game would be much better.
    Thanks you for understanding
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    If you scout for players with 99 ratings you can get those players you mentioned above. Have in mind that OSM takes into consideration the ratings of the players so those the scout. The name doesn't matter if they have exactly the same rating. This is why it's not necessary to add a search button to search for specific players since this can be achieved by using the right criteria when sending your scout.

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    @cis-runiglop said in Transfer!:

    You've been thinking what about transfers to improve game and we can buy players from any league and there is no player on the transfer list?


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