• Thought I would start a new thread on this topic.

    I was on an unbeaten run with RB Leipzig with 16 wins. Up against a team of roughly equal ability in FC Schalke 04.

    Noticed before the game that he set his tackling to reckless, I kept mine at normal.

    Who would have guessed both my star striker and one of my defenders were sent off, in the second minute and the 68th.

    0_1524516575092_Screenshot-2018-4-23 Home - OSM.png

    What a result to make a closer league, LOL! 👀

    Anyone else had similar freaky results?

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    this made my day 😂

  • Another one of them there results -

    0_1526150200513_Screenshot-2018-5-12 Home - OSM.png

    Ref at red, both sides, therefore, play normal tackling. Two yellows and a straight red for my players.