• Anyone a fan of the franchise? Old or new?

    First played FFVII as a kid and fell in love, although the franchise has changed quite a bit since it first started; still a great game and concept. (Apologies if there already is a topic for this or if I'm breaking any forum rules)

  • I had found out that final fantasy VII returns to the PC, with brand new online features. This game has received widespread commercial and critical success, and remains widely regarded as a landmark title and one of the greatest games of all time. My brother had shop online this game from online gaming store, where he had also shared his profile with friends online to find out who is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan.

  • @d-chosen-1 I love classic Final Fantasy Games ( I-X), my favorite is FFVI, i spend 70 hours playing that game, this franchise inspired me to programming and create my own video-games ❤