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  • Turkish Users

    I have an idea.

    Each manager spins a wheel two times a week.

    For example,I spin a wheel and earn 50 boss coins.
    Another manager spins a wheel and earn 75 boss coins.

    Please give this idea to Online Soccer Manager.


    I want to talking about Crew's Division.

    Everybody know a crew can go up to Division 7. It could be bad for crews development. Because there is no new level that a team can reach above the OSM Division, and this can lead saturation in the crew.

    I think the Legacy Levels will come again after this stage. at least the teams in the OSM Division can skip the legend levels one by one. (I think all of OSM Division Crews must be set to at least Level 4- Favourites. May be Legendery Division Crews set to Level 3- Trainers ).

    The old conditions should be exactly applicable. However, instead of ranking conditions, the Division requirement or the condition of being in the Top 100 can be added.

    Instead of CCL, FMS can be used.

  • Romanian Users

    Hello everyone, i want to suggest the next things for a future update:

    -Add a new Individual Battle Points ranking.

    -Add new achievments for Crew like:
    -Win 100 matches in Crew Battles.
    -Win 10 matches in a row in Battles.
    -Finish a Battle undefeated.
    -Stay in a Crew for 365 consecutive days.

    -Add more leagues for Crew Battles(we dont have no East European country for battles).

    -Decrease Home advantage for Battles.
    -Increase the number of the days for preparation from 2 to 3.

  • English Users

    @supernova-8 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    How did you feel when you enter this game site on your day one?

    -- The first time I joined I was happy to find a manager game like the OSM, there are few games with this dynamic that has the OSM of being a coach and running several clubs, all online with other players.

    What was the first sense or impression that you had about the game's features and rules or anything else ?

    -- I just had some doubts like any other beginner and with time you get the hang of it ...

    Did you find it easy enough to start playing it? Was it fun for you? Or...

    -- Yes, I found it easy to play and it was fun.

    Did you have any difficulties while navigating it?

    -- No

    Do you think there is something missing from the OSM game?

    -- I think what I am going to say here, at the moment, is something very ambitious and I believe that this should be considered in the long run.

    But, OSM should add a kind of directorial style as it has in similar manager games. So, whoever chooses to play in director mode, chooses a club to direct, hires real coachs and seeks to develop the club in stadium, popularity, squad, competitiveness, ratings and etc ... I think it would be really cool, more realistic.

    Is there anything at all that you believe it should be added for your own comfort and pleasure?

    -- One thing that could be added to the OSM is the diversification of events, instead of just having training weeks, transfers and stuff, there could be cups, interactive championships, league scorer awards in the week or something ...

    But I know it's easy to ask, it's difficult to implant hahahaha

    A big hug @SUPERNOVA-8!

  • Portuguese Users

    hello, i'm new in forums

  • Russian Users

    In the chat of one of the leagues where I play, I saw an interesting proposal and decided to try to formulate it quite fully
    I propose to add an analogue of the Winners Cup (World Cup) for the national teams tournaments. In the game I counted 7 leagues that can be equipped with tickets to the World Cup: Americas Cup (12 teams), Battle for Africa (16), Battle for Asia (24), Battle for North America (12), Battle Globe (8), Clash of Nations A (16), Clash of Nations B (16). It will look something like this:

    possible arguments for:
    ⬥intresting challenge for some managers to win World Cup for small teams (e.g. Yemen, Martinique, Uganda...)
    ⬥revive some leagues; at servers with 10000+ leagues some of them (Battle for North America, Clash of Nations A/B, Battle for Africa) are one of the most unpopular (less than 10 leagues, <0,1%!)

    possible arguments against:
    ⬥there will be many same teams and players in the tournament − not accepted cause in Winners Cup it's not a problem
    ⬥many leagues need to be updated − last updates Battle for Africa and Battle Globe was 4 years ago; I propose to attract community help cause im pretty sure there are people willing to make lists of teams and players with their rating based on your rating system
    there may be a problem with licenses, here I don't know how it works... like you need to buy a license from the Qatar national team in order to be able to write the names of their players or not ... ¯\__(ツ)_/¯
    ⬥many leagues without transfers and, therefore, without income to the treasury − you can add the ability to buy legends to some teams for just 100 Boss coins (without club funds) in the form of a special offer (again, the list of legends can be asked from the community of each region)

    of course, I do not hope for a reaction from the GB, since in 3 months in the fantasy league they changed 2 parameters (squad cost and league host). But why not give it a try? Perhaps, if community members support this idea, they will pay attention to it... at least for the World Cup in Qatar

  • Italian Users

    hi guys I wanted to point out that many players use training camp during the game in progress, well in my opinion for the correct development of the game it would be better to ensure that once the game has started it can no longer be used.

  • English Users


    Since my last topic was blocked after a moderator response, I will duplicate the same question here (and also answer to the moderator).

    Basically, I'm currently in a Euro 2004 tournament moderated by osm and, from what I've seen, all the players in the tournament are 26 years-old.

    One moderator answered that "is working exactly as intended! It's not a normal league but a customized one, tournament was played 17 years ago, imaging these players having their real age right now???".

    The thing is... it doesn't make sense. I played a World Cup 98 tournament and the players had their real age in 1998 (for example, I played with Netherlands and Dennis Bergkamp was 29). Euro 2004 should have the real age of the players (for example, Cristiano Ronaldo should be 18/19 instead of 26).

    Waiting for feedback.


  • Portuguese Users

    It is a good suggestion indeed

  • English Users

    True, they gotta improve it.

  • English Users

    I think the developers can use Transfermarkt for recognising utility positions, isn't it?

  • @luuler Completelly agree. Its not that hard insert the real age of players at the time of the tournament.

  • In the spirit of new adopted medal system, I propose to add option to the game that when you lose a game, you can pay certain amount of Boss Coins (lets say 1000) to re-run the game once again 😉

  • English Users

    @majstor-matt I actually think it's not a good idea, as people will then keep paying to run the game and more people will be paying to win

  • I propose to introduce notifications of termination of OSM Events

  • @aweijie said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    @majstor-matt I actually think it's not a good idea, as people will then keep paying to run the game and more people will be paying to win

    I’m sure Matt was being sarcastic mate

  • English Users

    "Crew Search Tool"
    This is the most important thing I think that need to be in this game
    With this new comp. CrewCup, I couldn't enter some Egypt player name to invite him later to the league, so I wanted to find him throw the Crews, but I couldn't
    I needed to find one my friend that didn't join any crew, he entered Crew name, and finded him for me

    That's a big problem

    Sorry if I repeat someone, maybe this already is discussed, I don't know

  • English Users

    Good idea. By the way Crew Cup is no new competition.

  • English Users

    I am wondering why not adding the Europa League qualification for qualified teams in prestige leagues as well?
    I know that you recently added the Champions League qualification for the qualified teams to make it look even more realistic but why not adding the Europa League?
    For example, I think the fifth, sixth and the champion of the elimination cup during a domestic league (Prestige leagues) should be qualified for the Europa League but earning less points/coins compared to the champions league teams.

    What do you think?

  • English Users

    OSM doesn't include defensive tactics, to my knowledge. Adding defensive tactics such as pressing or Gegenpressing would be great.