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  • Hi, how become the old " creator league " , when you have a budget and choose all your players you want for a team .
    Since the new version of osm , i cant find this anymore, thanks .

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    Hi mate, if you are talking about the fantasy league, it's currently not available at the moment 👌

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    I think it would be very useful to receive a notification when someone invites you to join a league (especially for individual competitions or Crew Battles)...

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    @Coachmiguel said in Suggestion: My clubs Area with Notification:

    Hi, i would like to make a suggestion.

    In WEB (Computer) Version, and in mobile version, the first screen that appears is the MY CLUBS area, in what you have to select one of your clubs to proceed.

    If you select a club, then, inside, you can see the notifications signal (if you sold any player, or any task that you have to do).

    This exclamation signal (telling the player that has tasks to do /complete) should appear in the MY CLUBS area to.

    Doesnt't matter if it is just the signal, without description or detail, but i have four clubs in parallel and i have to open one by one to see if something happened.

    Thanks in advance

  • @King_Jamiu_10 Ok 😕 thank you !

  • At the end of the season, if both teams have the same number of points, are there any team or team goals?

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    Hi, if both teams or more are tied on points, then their goal difference will come into consideration, then number of goals scored comes next and so on...
    Next time please ask your questions on the Support Forum

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    @halkvord said in Suggestion to improve the Game:

    Well i´ve noticed that the game is well organised but i found a way to improve rankings.

    Let me explain;

    Rankigs are exposed in this way:

    Ranking / Country / Records

    In all of them what matters are the managers points the more you have the more you raise in the table .

    But i realised, why do we need S1 , S2, and S3 ?

    I came up to a conclusion that having other S is just unworthy unless if you create a new ranking like this:


    I mean you would create a ranking in order to see who has more total manager points.

    Do you agree with my suggestion?

    I think it would be an exelent idea if we create this new feature in the game.

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    I do not agree with you on that one.
    Not everyone plays with more then one slot, if we would create a new ranking for most total manager points those managers don't have any chance to come near the top.

    All slots have seperate rankings which also means if you use all slots then you can have 4 places on ranking. So in my opinion those slots ranking are not useless at all this way.

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    @RodrigoKenji said in Map of Osm:

    Can the color of the regions we complete the objective be different from the leagues that dont exist in the game.
    Sry if this was post already .

  • Suggestions :

    1. A status update to see the percent of simulation on mobile and an option to redirect us on the forum from app

    2. To see the friendly matches from the past days

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    @MotaNelu that the forums are available through app, is something for the future but the plans are there 😉

    Why would you like to see friendlies from the past days?

    1. Great..is posted from november 2016 this in another topic...

    2. Because i want to see statistics of friendly matches played yesterday or few days ago, to remember what it works and what not. And not to make prints every day.
      Is just a suggestion. I don't know if is possible or not, but i think i'm not the only one who think this feature will be useful.

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    @MotaNelu I'm not sure if it really would be a usefull option, since there's no garanty that same thing will work another time.

  • My suggestion is to do something about Crews and Crew-life, but serious.
    I can't believe that this game has +5 or 6 million players and that crews ain't a important part of the game.
    For what we need crews now? If some ''volunteers'' wouldn't organise some UNOFFICIAL tournaments they would be completely, but completely useless...
    What is the advantage of being in a crew? Give me one serious. Crew forum? I am sure nowdays 99% crews communicate via viber, whatsapp, messenger, skype etc. Other? hmm...
    I am sure not everyone is happy with selling and buying players from season to season. Give us something new (for cews). New tasks, new achievements, some rewards, competitions, or whatever...

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    @Sir-Robbie-Bobson said in Has osmscout.com closed? Also: boss coins for selling players, not just buying.:

    In the good old days I could send my scout after a particular player if I could see him on the list at osmscout.com (or ofmscout.com). These days you seem to have jigged a whole lot of stuff around and I have to assume that this website is no longer an option, although it is just an assumption; I can't be certain because the website still exists, still asks me for my login details but gives me the error message "Sorry, we're working on the site. Please try again later" rather than "Don't waste your time, this site doesn't work any more". It's one thing to see the scoutlist close, it's another to not know and not be told so can anyone please let me know what's happened? As always, a dozen niggly things can be a whole lot more irritating than a single big problem.

    I will reiterate that whoever develops this game should definitely create a "how to" guide so new players, or even older ones returning to the game, know how things work, even if it's just the basics. That such a necessity is missing is crazy. If it exists but can't be found that's almost worse. Since returning to the game, I've never been given an explanation for boss coins, what they are, how they could /should be used, whether they expire at the end of the season, the fact that they're basically a substitute for the old "private funds". The only reason I know this now is thanks to a very kind forum reader who PMd me. I was unpleasantly surprised when my scout came back last night and asked for 15 boss coins on top of the cash I had to pay for my player. If I hadn't been desperate, I wouldn't have wasted the coins but since everyone on the transfer list is 27 or older, I didn't have much choice. People, even forum moderators, have suggested that the only time you'll have to use coins is when you don't have enough cash and the coins will make up the difference. This simply isn't correct.

    Let me put this suggestion on record: since every player I buy costs me a coin, then every player I sell should earn me a coin. I'd be interested to hear people's views on this.

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    @MenagerBL said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom For All The Community:

    Give us something new (for cews). New tasks, new achievements

    Good morning guys, i think this could be a very good improvement for the future

  • @MenagerBL
    It would be a really something good to us. I'm with you!

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    @marjan2241 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom For All The Community:

    @sovjet-11 bilo bi zelo dobro ce bi imeli kaksno tekmovanja med ekipami,recimo prvenstvo bivse juge,vem,da imamo toliko igralcev iz bivse juge za vsako drzavo posebej,sam ce bi se zmenli lahko,bi bilo mal popestritve na osm,pa tudi kaksne nove naloge ali pa kaj podobnega.

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