Transfer List in World Cup league

  • English Users

    Hey, I'm wondering what is the point of playing the World Cup league with transfers available in this league? It's out of any sense in my opinion.

  • @adam-dorna It does seem pretty strange, I remember for 2014 World Cup they had a league but transfers weren’t allowed. But back then the mod of the league couldn’t disable them. And I actually do remember people complaining about no transfers 😕

    You can always disable the transfers if you need too 🙂

  • Yeah, that total su*k...
    and the 2nd is the Home games... there is no home games.. they all are in one country...

    Yeah you can turn off transfer if you create your league, but i don`t want to spent bonus coins by creating my own league...

  • This is indeed a new update, since a lot of users like to do transfers even in those leagues.
    If you don't want to play with transfers then it's possible to search for a WC league with human league moderator who has turned transfers off or create your own league and turn transfers off.