• Dutch Users

    When is OSM updating their player ratings? if it's really that much work just take EA's FIFA ratings as an example. The current ratings are too high and too outdated..

  • At the beginning of every football season, all teams will be updated and rated accordingly. During the football season, teams are rarely updated. At the end of the football season, once you know which teams performed very well and others that were rather disappointing, this might cause a complete unrealistic difference with the game. The same can be said about the players; some rise to become the new stars of a team, while others might get injured or are had a unlucky season.

    Nevertheless, the leagues and players in the game (OSM/OFM) will be updated over the summer. The more popular leagues first. During the summer, transfers will be made and teams need to be corrected as well. It takes time and some manpower; be patient please 😉