• One of my treble winning sides had only three nationalities in it; German, English and Spanish.

    What do you think about performance and if there is a bonus to having for example a back line of the same nationality or a diamond core?

  • In the "real world" one could argue that communication is vital to a teams performance. Yet, the language barrier is not included in the game. Firstly, the nationality of a player does not inform a manager on the language skills. For instance with Belgium players; there is no real Belgium language - Flemish/Dutch or French. Eden Hazard said in an interview he solely speaks French, while Jan Vertonghen prefers Flemish/Dutch. There are other nationalities without an "official" language. Secondly, some players are very gifted in speaking a multitude of languages; how can that be implemented? It will require a lot of research.

    However, your idea could work for the achievements as in "One team, One Nationality." Having a team consisting of one nationality for the duration of one season - thus, from match day 1 till the last match. In some leagues you start with a team that only consist out of 1 nationality. It will restrict a manager in buying though, which is an extra challenge in some leagues 😉 No idea if this is doable. Solely having a midfield or defense of one nationality is too easy to achieve, no?

  • Even I am wrong at times; I believe there is currently an idea, almost similar to yours, that give same nationalities in your team an advantage. So, just letting you know it is a possibility that your idea might come true 😉

  • You can read about our nationality bonus here you can also keep an eye on it to follow our updates 😉

    So it would be more interesting to know, who noticed the difference already?
    Tell us about it did you won/loose etc?