• Is it sexist to state which of 2 genders are superior? Would love to hear peoples opinions on that, and sexism in general.

    Personally I think sexism shouldn't be a priority these days. And I would like anyone to ask any Syrian women who have seen relatives die before them or lost their homes "Would you rather be homeless and grieving or be subjected to sexist remarks?"

    Furthermore, should authorities, on whatever scale, whether it be an internet forum that can barely attract ten forum regulars, to a major protest, be allowed to censor peoples words? What gives people with authority the right to censor people who have different opinions to their own?

  • Hi mate,
    You've been pushing a lot on your topics/posts recently. My colleague Sofie already warned you yesterday and closed one of your topics.
    I'll be closing this one and take it as a last warning.
    Next post/topic like this and you'll take some holidays!