How much improvement does nationality boost supply?

  • Like pitch upgrade, 1 level will get 2% advantage. Then how much improvement dose nationality boost supply? 2% as well?

  • @edward-zhou hi,

    you can read this:

    Introducing: the Nationality bonus. From now on, your team will perform better when there are 6 or more players from the same nationality in your Line-up.

    Managing a football club is the most difficult (and most beautiful) job in the world. That's why we thought you could use some help making the difference.

    Why? Players with the same nationality often play together at the national team. They communicate better. They grew up in the same football culture, being able to anticipate each other better. In short: collecting players from the same nationality works!

    unfortunately they were not talking about advantage as percent. if you have 6 players who is same nationality, you have advantage. thats all

  • @mehmet-reşat-nayır There have been times when i played a slightly worse player to get the nationality bonus and didn't get the results i expected haha nice concept but i don't think it quite works yet