PC game version VS Mobile game version

  • Hello everyone, I don't know if this issue has already been adressed or not; so if it has, please link me the post, otherwise here I go.
    I've noticed that while playing on pc, that some features work different or don't even exist. I'll give examples:
    The scouter has more searching options on mobile than pc; on mobile you already have 4 manager slots unblocked while on pc you have to wait; special events that show up on mobile but not on pc; watching videos to get boss coins seems to not work on pc; less info displayed on pc about the stadium features.
    Does anyone know why?

  • @moistchebureki Hi, welcome.

    Our main focus lies with the app, since our majority of users are app users.
    Every user has the waiting period doesn't matter app our web user.
    Watching videos is also still working unless you didn't accept all advertisements.

  • @hespera Ok, thank you for pointing that out. I guess eventually all the changes that are done on the mobile app are going to get transfered to pc version.