• Hello, can someone tell me, why Callejon(forward, 101 attack,31 years) seems to be a bad captain? Commentators after match always tell that "it was over his head as Captain, Lacking quality and experience" .. But he is my best forward and the oldest player .. Where is the problem? 😄

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    Once I had C.Ronaldo with ovr 106 and of course he’s 33 and a natural born leader
    Yet the commentary insists that he is not captain material and I need someone with experience 😂

    The crazy thing is that even free kicks “ he is not up to the task “ 😅

  • So you think midfielder will not be better? 😄 It can be the same?

  • This game is purely based on a simulation engine which sucks really bad. I mean all of these things are randomly stimulated no matter the players stats, the game itself decides about it in a complete random way, that is why it's quite bad in my opinion because the OSM stimulation engine fails to recognize the IRL famous players because this is all based on coding. Trying to improve this is gonna be hard af, so I don't see it happening in a near future.