Are there any rules regarding selling players when people from your own league don't buy them?

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    I have been on this game a while but had a break and recently returned, i am sure when i used to play it ages back there was a rule something like foreign teams wouldn't pay anything over 14 million for your players, so if you put a player on for 15 mill or 90 mill it could only be players from your league that could buy them, or is that wrong, will foreign teams still potentially buy a player thats listed for 50 million etc?


  • The computer still buys your players if you put them on your transfer list, I think there is a specific limit because for instance if your player exceeds 100 stats, his value is going to be way much higher in the transfer market.

    The biggest amount i've witnessed being sold was 50,000,000.

    There's also events from OSM from time to time which boosts the sales of your players if you put them in your Transfer Market.

  • There is no limit anymore. Accept that the chance of selling decreases at a higher price.