OSM is fun, but far from a realistic manager simulation game

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    I've been playing for awhile, and although I like the fact that it isn't 100% super mega realistic and actually gives a chance to the weaker teams to compete against the best ones in the league, sometimes it get's to a point were it's just ridiculous.
    Like, there is no transfer deadline or any rules, players get sold for massive amounts, you can just buy and then resell them for 2x, 3x more times the original price, etc..
    I notice this a lot because I play with weaker teams often, and after a couple of days a 60 squad turns into a 70-80 easily just by reselling.
    Of course other players can also do the same, so it's fair, but the point is that it just becomes like.. very manipulative and cheap.. there's no point in training the players anymore, teams loose all the original players for some random ones, there's no soul left or realism to the club you're playing with.
    The game is still fun don't get me wrong, and I'm not exactly sure if this is a bad or a good thing, of course if you want more realistic coaching games you have them out there, but yeah, just pointing this out.

  • @joao-cantante

    i disagree with you

  • I agree with you, also it is getting more unreal lately with updates like 5 boss coins for Instant Sale, where's the spirit of the game? If you want to sell a player you have to wait and not just like that.

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    @adhurim-dakajj that's available only for iPhone

  • @robert_haker Yeah but if you're in league with them then it's going to be so easy for them to create a super team in just a day, and of course that's not realistic.

  • Play FM for more realism mate. OSM is a fun diversion but pales in comparison.

  • @robert_haker

    Which makes it unfair for anyone investing time, effort or money into playing OSM.

  • Yes it can be true but that's not the point. It's just about with your perspective. Firstly you must know what you wanted then you must take your choice. If you do like more realism in games and if it's your preference, you should play that style games.

  • @sirmehmetali

    So what do you see as the point of instant sales beyond immediate gratification?

    How does it equate with strategy and management/ development of a squad?

  • This game is far from a simulation futebol game.
    If someone told that osm is a fm game was wrong!!

    Here you have a diferente king of playing and have some fun with other players.
    Osm is very dificult when you achive high leagues or forum tournments but for that you have to be a great player. Not a fm player 🙂

    My adevice to you..see this game wth other view. Have a Nice game 🙂

  • @anibalslb

    I am not saying it should be an FM equivalent, just a damn good football management strategy game.

    Is someone really a "great" player if they are relying on BC purchase and usage? Rather than just know how to use the OSM equivalent of "cheat codes".

    And GB themselves wanted to create an "authentic manager" just check out their master plan, and these kind of functions along with device disparity make it far from that.

  • @hans-orf If you think that's an unfair competition, you can express your reaction. You get benefits with money in every online games. We're not developers of the game. As I said, if you think that's an unfair competition, give suggestion and prove that it is wrong.

  • @sirmehmetali

    GB are not gonna simply change from one persons suggestion. But if they want an authentic manager as they state then certain functions like instant sale are contrary to this. Likewise there is an unfair advantage given to prioritising iOS. Any company wishing to go global and not receive criticism has to consider such factors. Device parity is a must for most games software companies.

  • @hans-orf I join you at this criticism. Every mistake has some consequences, I hope it gets better.

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    I agree but the game is slowly changing on OSM and the improvements are good.