• I am a Christian and I go to Church every week. Being a Christian means that you should love and believe in Jesus and try and be like Jesus.

    What is your religion? Do you believe in a God or are you an atheist? What is your opinion on religions? Here we can discuss all religions in a friendly manner.

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    I am catholic and i believe God and Jesus but not for priest . they want just money and talk about this all the time . for example for weedings .

  • @maloba Yeah, Jesus rocks! 🙂

  • Well, I define myself as an atheist although actually I'm agnostic.This means that I can not know (as all humans) whether God exists or not, so I don't say "I don't believe in God", I say "I don't think that God exists, but maybe he does"

  • Im probably closest to atheistic views. I dont believe that there is some supernatural force out there that controlls our lives and tells us what to do. Life is a product of evolution and constant development throughout the millions of years and instead of fighting over different religions on this little rock next to the Sun we should be exploring the wonders in vastness that is cosmos...

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    I,m agnostic and I dont really think any religion can really explain many things that science has. But I kind of like religious values as Im a very conservative person.

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  • @Majstor-Matt
    What's actually the benefit of exploring the cosmos? What would we gain?

    Besides that, it's of course easy to blame religion for the wars on our little rock. I would however suggest war is rather linked to possesion more than anything else.
    If we would forget religion and explore the vastness of our cosmos, we would find a way to fight over that sort of operations.

  • @tve-nl Finding new sources of energy, finding new habitable planets in closer range.. there are plenty of things to look for, our planet wont be able to contain life as we know today forever, specially if we continue to polute it at this scale as we do know. We must look for alternatives and explore the possibilities before its too late to act.
    Before all that is possible we need to work on propulsion systems as those available today are simp,y not good enough to explore cosmos due to its gigantic size.
    But if you think its smarter and more viable for us to fight and lead continuous wars on something like which god is real, or whose god is stronger, then okay, thats your opinion.

    I have nothing against religion or faith, they are free to exist by any means, but simply I dont like seeing religion and religious leaders getting into politics and other public spheres of life.. religion should be kept in prviate sphere of life.


  • @Majstor-Matt
    My opinion is that finding new sources of energy will inevitably result into wars because different social groups, governments, companies will try to benefit from it by excluding outhers. I'm not saying war over religion is preferable, I'm just stating wars will be fought whether it's for religion or not.

    Why shouldn't politicians be religious if they represent a considerable group of religious voters?

  • @tve-nl I dont have anything against politicians being religious, but as said they should keep their faith for their private life and not let Bible and Vatican dictating them how to make laws for whole public.

    As for your first thing, well yeah, sadly there will always be wars for possession as well, but that is all result of the wild capitalism that runs nowadays. Everything runs around profit, quality is not a deciding factor anymore.

    Religion, nationalism.. all those things does not add up anything to the humanity in overall.. and we all forget too much that we all are one single species habitating "our" one planet, and we should all work together, not against eachother... and sadly things like religion and nationalism help elites to controll the crowds and make constant conflicts. I know its hard, I know its utopistic view, but I choose to believe that one day we will live up and evolve enough to see that we are all one and that we will start to work together to make life better for everyone, and not just for top 5% percent of population in the world.

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    I'm a catholic

  • I am a Moslem 😃

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    @Dhede-Shantiez said in Religion:

    I am a Moslem 😃


  • Hello everyone I am Moslem 😃

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    Actually, I respect all religions and I think most important thing is to find peace in ourselves. I don't need going to church every week ( I am catholic) and I never had if I didn't felt to. Why? If someone tolds me I have to go, it would be stupid. I am not someone else and I have my own needs and wishes. I want others to respect me, that's why I respect some people who go in church every day or even twice a day. It's their life and their beliefs and good spirit they are searching for. Happy for them.

    The most frightning thing about every religion is to follow leaders, dangerous knowledgements and beliefs, who can damage other people. Very shameful things happened in every religion. Institution and people running it, should serve in the name of casual people who believe in their god; we are not a tool for someone and shouldn't be. Politics should be politics and religion should be religion. Otherwise, wars in the name of religion from the start of mankind, will continue.