• Dutch Users

    The event where you can sell your player more easily is unfair. In one weekend the course of the competition changes. For example i have a team in my competition who bought and selled 29 players in one weekend. His team worth went from 250M to 500M in 2 days. I hope this event will not come back soon or at least the transfers will be more moderate in the future. I hope you can do something with my suggestion.

  • Strongly disagree with you and this is why:

    This is a brilliant event that emphasises one of the main elements of OSM, squad building. Also it gives better chance to those of us who do not use coins for transfers to keep up with those managers who are using them.

    I wish this kind of transfers would happen more often, really gives another dimension to the game and It is brilliant to see how much you can improve one team that was sof ar behind in quality in regard to other. For example my Parma team 😉

    Nobody was stopping you from being active and trying to sell just as much players and improving your team in same way 😉

  • @majstor-matt I agree, best event out of them all by far

  • Also agree. And those that missed out may have reason to complain but that is just poor time management and wasted opportunity.

  • I think the problem with this event is that the transfer list gets so small. Rich teams can buy all good players so you cant get even one player to buy

  • @tripple-ccc New players are added to transfer list like 8 times per day to replace the bought ones, and they are always similar quality, many times even better that those one that were bought.

  • I like the weekend event because it gives you a chance to sell a 100 overall player at full price so you can buy like a 109 overall player.