• I would be quite interested to read and to learn what is the exact role of friendlies in game mechanics. I mean how does it effect my team? Has any significance in my team performance for the forthcoming match? What about the tactics I use in a friendly game and can I draw any conclusion of the score and the tactics?

  • Hi @scarle4! Friendlies are a way for you to test your tactics and strength of your squad against other managers in your league. When you play a friendly match some of your players may actually improve if you get a good result! ­čÖé

  • Does anyone have any thoughts about friendlies? Do you think playing friendlies before a game give your team an advantage?

  • I don't trust the friendly engine - the results are never a reflection of the actual match engine.

  • I solely use friendly matches to train my players and consider it an additional training on top of my normal training. However, it does not changes morale. And to be frank, I play less friendlies now. Especially due to the limited choice of opponents.

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    @Lirind what are you talking? of course it is. it's just you have to keep in mind, that if you play 10 matches with the same tactics and formations (for both teams), the results will vary and may be like 7 wins 2 draws 1 loss.
    when you play friendlies (only the ones you initiate) your players get training (with diminishing returns for later training). it costs those bonus points but it probably is as efficient as actual training if you play 3-4 friendlies a day.
    BEST used against stronger teams who play same tactics all the time. so a couple of days in advance you might try and beat them in friendlies to check what works best.