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    Last night, while i was out taking a beer, i got an alternative to the proposal 2 better than proposal 3 and with 3 stages and not 4.

    Proposal 2.1

    • Best 4 qualified from last edition final + Best 8 from manager points WC list are automatically qualified and don't need to play a 1st WC round.
      -- 1st round: 12 leagues of 12 managers each one. (Best 3 goes to next round)
      -- Semifinal: 4 leagues of 12 managers each one. (Best 3 goes to next round)
      -- Final: 1 league with 12 manager to know our 2019 WC champion.

    • With this proposal, we are going to have in total 156 users with same system than last edition but giving some recognition to the best users form last edition final and those users who recollect more points for this edition!

    Thank you all for your interest and messages! 🙂

    PS: All your post have been only for say a proposal but no one have a suggestion. I understand that nobody have an alternative but if I only want to let you all knowthat anyone can make a logical suggestions. I got one by private message about make leagues with only 8 teams and not 12 to finish it fastly but that's not the idea that we want for this competition!

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    hi guys 🙂 i like proposal 2

  • Proposal 2

  • @markez17 proposal 2

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  • Proposal 2!

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    Proposal 2

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    Proposal 2

  • Proposal 2.

  • I like the idea in the Proposal 2

  • I continue to prefer proposal 1

  • Proposal 2

  • I have a different proposal.

    Directly qualified to the WC 2019 all of 12 last finalists + all of 12 winners of the last WC's first round (Seconds classifed if firsts have got WC Final round).
    -- 1st round: 12 leagues of 14 managers each one. (Best 4 goes to next round)
    -- Semifinal: 4 leagues of 12 managers each one. (Best 2 goes to next round)
    -- Final: 1 league with 8 manager to know our 2019 WC champion.

    With this proposal, we are going to have 168 users, but for each round is more difficult to go over. Initially 4, then 2, then 1 (the champion).

    About "divisions". We could start with something about "Europe League". 3rd and 4rd classified in WC semifinal could "go down" in the "Europe League" Semi Final or final round.

    P.S.: it should be nice if groups of semifinals are determined with placements in the 1st round.

    I'm not sure I've been really clear. If needed, just ask.

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    @sirfabiocanĂ  main problem here is change number of teams.
    It's a good idea of course, semifinal placements determined by 1st round was done in last edition, counting league points... Divisions is better to a new official competition, not for this one because won't be again WC. I want to make more competitions, have 2-3 each year and be sure that i'm going to save your suggestion for a championship because i really like it! 🙂

  • Logical (suggestions, which you asking for) would be to reward managers who perform in present, but also, we shouldn't pass over those who perform at WC 1 year ago. All depends in which measure!
    However, I will give more credit to the present, logically 🙂

    Only 4 managers from the previous WC, even if they were the best of the best, seems too little. Even 12 out of 156 it's a disdaining thing concerning our noted managers. I would add more managers of the previous WC, but without being directly qualified, because present is the one that counts. We'll grant more places for they, as a sign of respect, but not before they're proving once more, the form and the quality.

    Another thing which it's due to be improved is that from the Semifinal stage should to qualify more managers to the Final. I think that those who have succeeded to reach the Semifinals, deserves more chances to reach the Final, too. So, a Final league with more teams, if the schedule allows and such a league is possible, and with a little bit effort would be! Something new and original.

    Therefore, I propose a WC with 168 managers, with 36 managers from the previous WC, which means only 22% of amount.
    So, 168 (total) - 36 (managers from the previous WC) = 132 ; 132 available places for the managers of the actual year, compared to 144 places from previous year. Not a big deal.

    • 1st round: 14 leagues of 12 managers (Best 3 goes to next round and the six best rated 4th places)
    • Semifinal: 4 leagues of 12 managers (Best 5 goes to next round)
    • Final: 1 league (new and original, as I said 🙂 ) with 20 managers.
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    @casual1948 again, a league teams number changed during competition... If you take a look, you want to give places to best 36 from last edition but i don't know if you think about next edition and how give those 36 places.

    I'm not really agree with "Best X place" and i prefer give same places in each league, it's easier for all and prevenge unfair play, specially during last matches.

    Main reason to not give directly place to a lot of users from last edition is because experience let me know that majority of them anyway are going to qualify this edition by manager points. This is why i still thinking to give them a place to Semifinal is a better recognition and a better thing to make users more competitive.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion, i'm going to save it too and if i can't make it a reality in WC, it's a nice idea if I try to organize another competition 🙂

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    proposta n° 2

  • @markez17 I think "change number of teams" couldn't be a problem.
    I guess now it works in this way: GB create a 12 team league and this league can be used for all of 3 rounds of WC (changing footballer's values, of course).
    It should be enough to create 3 different leagues and use them for each round.

    I suggested changing numer of teams, cause in this way we can keep more managers in WC and the same time, get a final round more short, more competitive. Something like "Last-eight World Cup" that dsimulates a quarter-final of real WC.

    About... "divisions", I didn't understand was a different competition, sorry. For this new competitions, if you need or want, you know you can count on me 🙂