Fast advice how to beat 442?

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    Hello guys!
    I play with Juventus aand yesterday take the 1st position in the league after one loss in my 1st game and one draw. I've already played 18 games and now i am first, but i have two games against Lazio they are 3rd and playing good just 3 points between us. We both have very good stats and players. They play with 442B pasing game, offside trap YES, zonal marking and normal tackling. I play almost all the games with my favourite tactics 433 wing play, attack only, middfilders smth helping attack smth stay in poaition and deff deep, zonal marking and offcide trap YES, pressing/style/tempo on 74/74/74.
    The refferee today is in yellow so i will play aggresive.
    But i had many losts from 442a/b against my favourite tactic throw my career...and i want to try smth different today and tomorrow against this tactic...i think to try 4231....shoot on sight, 74/40/74, zonal marking, no offside trap, aggressive, attackera only in attack, mids stay in possitoon and deep defd.....but i am not sure.......can somebody give me fast advice if this is good or no...i already planned a trainig camp also. I think they didn't.
    Thank you!

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