The Mourinho Thread: Should he stay or go? | Barrier time again

  • Don't need a long explanation.
    We are going backwards. He has lost the dressing room.

    Time for change.

    Woodward should be on the same bus.

    Like hell what do you think Fergie is thinking as he sits and watches these games?


    "We Don’t Have Aggression in Midfield for the Second Balls"

    Is it because of personnel: Combination of Lukaku, Martial, Mata, Pogba and Matic?

    Or is it because of Mourinho?

    Can we fix this?

    caretaker manager options

    Who's going to be available later on in the season? I mean it will be too late to recover anything valuable from the season anyways with the way we do things, but if it really gets desperate (see Chelsea 15/16) who can do a solid job?

    Hiddink to clear up another Mourinho mess? Big Sam (if we're in a relegation fight?) Giggsy till the end of the season?

    What league position will we finish in this season?


  • As a Liverpool fan, I think he should stay. I think it's hilarious 😜

  • But to be serious, all rivalry aside, MU has a lot of work to do.

    Liverpool went through the exact same phase untill a few years back. We know exactly how you feel.
    It takes a while for a club to recover from such a phase. But MU will come back, that's for sure

  • Gotta feeling Unai is going to school him in the mid week fixtures if he aint carefull

  • @e-u-g-e-n-e said in The Mourinho Thread: Should he stay or go? | Barrier time again:

    Gotta feeling Unai is going to school him in the mid week fixtures if he aint carefull


  • Especially after today's match against Tottenham I fear for him, last season he was lucky to win 3-1 with that defensive approach of his😒

  • @dikketuur_NL We'll see, Jose always has some tricks up his sleeves.

  • @manchester-munch wish he had a disappearing tick would like to see him gone πŸ˜†

  • I think Mourinho should leave Man Utd at the end of the season because he can't control players and his defensive tactics are not efficient anymore

    Man Utd has a really good squad, with a lot of world class players as De Gea, Pogba, Matić, Lukaku, Alexis Sanches, Rashford etc. , but they are playing poorly this season and I think the club will finish trophyless another season!

    I believe that Zidane is a good choice for the new Man Utd manager!

    My predictions are 5th position in the English Premier league, and elimination in the UEFA Champions league round of 16.

    Elimination in the quarterfinal of the fa cup, already eliminated from the league cup by ''mighty'' Derby county....

    There is always a chance that my predictions are and will be wrong!!!! 0_1543833039916_8daaa050-8a37-46f1-80b9-46fdf96320dd-image.png

  • @pin-kod I only agree with with Mourinho leaving but as soon as possible xD

  • @e-u-g-e-n-e Any thoughts who could be a new Man Utd manager?

  • Pochettino

  • Or Wenger loved he's attacking approach πŸ˜›

  • but Zizou mhhhhhhh not so sure I think he was abit lucky since he had a strong team such as Real still has to proof his worth but someone like Giggs wouldn't be badly off considering he learnt played with Fergie so he'd be my favourite canndidate

  • @e-u-g-e-n-e Pochettino is an amazing manager, but I think that Zidane is a better manager and he could do great things with Man Utd.

    Zidane won 4 trophies in two years as an assistant coach to grande Carlo Ancelotti from 25 June 2013 - 25 May 2015 !!!

    Copa del Rey: 2013–14
    UEFA Champions League: 2013–14
    UEFA Super Cup: 2014
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2014

    And after that, Zidane creates magic and won 3 UEFA Champions leagues in a row as a Real Madrid manager for 2 years and 5 months!!! πŸ† πŸ† πŸ†
    Zidane won 9 trophies in two years and five months as Real Madrid manager from 4 January 2016 - 31 May 2018 !!!

    La Liga: 2016–17
    Supercopa de EspaΓ±a: 2017
    UEFA Champions League: 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
    UEFA Super Cup: 2016, 2017
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2016, 2017

    So in conclusion, Zinedine Zidane πŸ… is the best manager in Europe and the world, in my opinion, at this moment and he has been in the last 3 years!

  • Zidane sure is a great coach, but that's exactly why he shouldn't go to Man Utd. No great player/coach should ever go to Man Utd.

    Man Utd is a shithole.

  • I wonder if he'll still be the manager by the time the last 16 round of UCL starts πŸ˜•

  • Depends on the upcoming results in the EPL I think

  • I just hope he beats Liverpool πŸ˜› after that let destiny take its course

  • We are going to smash you, 3-0 πŸ‘