Petition: Add the League of Kosovo

  • I'm starting this topic because we managers from Kosovo want our league in OSM. Before we were not accepted by UEFA and FIFA but now we are accepted by both since 2016 and there's no reason to not add this league now.
    Also we are a lot of managers from Kosovo that can help gamebasics in creating this league.

    Hopefully this time we will hear good news from you.

  • Good Idea Denis, they had some reasons before cause we were not recognised by Uefa, FIFA now we are accepted with full rights like other countries and leagues.

  • It was Gamebasics decision not to introduce Kosovo league (yet) to the game and when/if they decide otherwise every manager will be updated on the League Update forum.

  • @manager-pr-9 but we deserves our league

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    @xxxdeniss I love this idea. I think we deserve it because we are equal with other countries. Also, in world ranking we are ranked 54 of 193 countries

  • Yes, you are right, they are accepted by FIFA & UEFA.
    But, they are not accepted by Gamebasics, and its their game, and they make decisions, not uefa nor fifa

  • Very good idea to add KOSOVO 👏🏻
    Hopefully they consider our petition and make it happen...

  • Who knows? Maybe one day, it'll be on OSM among other leagues... maybe they just dont have enough valid informations to complete whole league, but we are all gonna updated, as i mentioned before.

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  • @manager-pr-9 all informations are in transfermarkt, i made this petiton for gamebasics to see that we are so much players from kosovo which we want the league in, 😉

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    I appreciate your idea Denis, and I think is the right thing to do. I join you'r erequest, because it's time to be equal with countries around us. So i ask to realy consider this request because for a small country like we are, we are dooing very well in osm, and we deserve to be known as Kosovo

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    It's fantastic to see my friends still not give up and seek what they want, actually, what we wanted for years. Ever since I joined this game in 2012 me and many other Kosovan managers that are still active to this day, constantly been lobbying to get the Kosovan flags (which they did implement) and we're very thankful for, but they never somehow, wanted to add the Kosovo Superliga. I did a couple of threads but they were usually shut down/locked just like this one will be until the moderator sees it, and I can even predict what their answer will be:

    "Gamebasics decision"

    What decision? Where are they basing that decision? Is it politics? Is it Serbia? Is there a Serbian nationalist emplpoyed at the Gamebasics office that's not allowing them to implement the league? Is there not enough information about the leagues or the players of Kosovo (that's not an issue i'm sure, many of us Kosovars will volunteer to help you out with the information because they're easily accessible).

    Back in the days the only reason Gamebasics had (which was passed down to the moderators and then they told us here in the forums) that the Kosovo Superliga can't be added because the country is not yet accepted in UEFA & FIFA, but once they did, they still continued with their negligence.

    What hurts me the most is that they don't provide more information on why it's not being added. To them, it's just a "decision".

    Gamebasics is known for listening to their managers and i'm pretty sure that they'll do everything they can (well, i'm hoping, eventho i'm quite skeptical) to implement the league, but now we're a majority with this movement and i'm pretty sure that more and more people will join and there's absolutely no reason to hold this back, just add that league and let life go on.

  • @joe-mcnorthman
    Mate, noone here mentioned serbia and before writing, read written post first. Serbia is not mentioned anywhere, i am not their propaganda or serbian nacionalist, and i am not trying to thinking like so, i am trying to thinking rational and to put myself in both sides, gamebasic's and your side, and i am just giving rational and reasonable facts that are known to me!

  • @Manager-PR-9 No no, I wasn't trying to implicate you in any way lol. Don't worry, we cool.

  • #AddLeagueOfKosovo

  • But you all guys have to rethink situation in the game again (and i will got a lot hate here) and be fully aware that Kosovo is not fully sovereign state, it is self-declared state, that is not recogniseable by UN, but it is partly recogniseable by some of the members of UN biggest domain of the world law.

    If that is the case, thats may be the answer why they did shut down Gilblatar league.

    That makes it political and i dont want to take part in it...

  • @manager-pr-9 Just don't post on this topic anymore and we're fine, noone gives you right to say anything for a country that has independence since 2008.

  • @Adhurim-Dakajj

    "self independent"

    And i will take part as long as i think its necessary.
    Because I take part in this community, and i to prevent averything i think it endagers me and very quiet forum community.

    Good night mate, its been interesting night

  • @manager-pr-9 Looks like the only person who have a lot of hate here its you.First of all you are not a moderator i dont know why you reply us and the second in every reply you just keap spreading hate.But im sure for one thing : you are just another serbian who cant stop us from our rights,