• Hey guys!

    I'm currently enjoying the shortest of short leagues, the newly introduced CL Groups: https://prnt.sc/me6hsw
    Liking the short league, the vibe of every match really really matters for reaching your goal.
    Doing transfers is trickier then I thought, but then again, stadium was updated with 1 update on the pitch. However training is less valuable. Friendlies are better now, but a more limited list of choices who to play the friendly against.
    The 6 training camps fell a little much since there are only 6 matches. So yeah there's that.

    Are you guys plaing a CL Group? Will you guys be playing it, and what do you think should be adapted in OSM to facilitate the mini-leagues as it currently is?

    Also, we're discussing how to continue developing CL in OSM here: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/40481/champions-cup-in-osm-how-exactly - feel free to join.

  • Any news when will we finally have it?

  • @vinnyb @SpecialOne

    One of the main reasons I'm still playing this game are trophies.
    The reason I start new leagues over and over again are trophies.
    When I open a manager profile first thing I do is looking on his trophies.
    Guess trophies are the main motivation for 99% of all managers.

    Now I see if you finish 1st in this CL group stage you get a trophy like you have won a title in a regular league. For 6 days! This is ridiculous.

    In theory if u play CL on all 4 slots you can win 20 titles in a month.
    Someone who plays this game for few months should make more trophies than me who plays this for 7 years?
    Please show some respect for managers who spent years here and remove this!

  • Finished my Champions League Group H and I'm quite disappointed to be honest. 4 preparation days for 6 match days are too much, same counts for TCs and STs. The season has to continue after the group stage finishes, therefore I would recommend to include the knock-out stages. Otherwise, these leagues won't make any sense imo.

  • @hafti-abi They're working on it, give it some time, of course no one wants to play a league with 4 teams but this is just the beginning.