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  • Gianluigi Buffon is finally going back to his former club- Juventus
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    At nearly 41 years of age, the former worlds best goalkeeper is going to join his former club, Juventus from PSG. After all, Juventus was the club The Italian played in for nearly 17 seasons before he moved to Paris for one season. The 2006 World cup winner has gone to Turin to perform his medical examinations but, no price has been disclosed.

    I feel this is good for Buffon as it has previously showed, that he is extremely comfortable at Turin in the form of the trophies he has received during his tenure there (9 Serie A titles, four Italian Cups. Whats even more, is that he just has to make eight more appearances in the Serie A before he breaks the record for the number of appearances which, is currently held by AC Milan legend, Paulo Maldini (647).

    Over the years Buffon has accumulated several well-earned trophies. His latest one being the French league champion at PSG. I hope he can continue adding on to his trophy cabinet once he joins Juventus!

  • Ander Herrera goes to PSG
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    After spending four seasons at Old Trafford, the Spanish midfielder is going to join the French powerhouse, PSG. It was speculated that he was going to join PSG towards the end of the season so, it wasn't really a surprise for anyone! Ander is already in Paris and it was released two days ago that he has joined the club. He has joined PSG on a free transfer and his value was 25 million.

    As much as I hate to say this (because I am a United fan), I think it is good that Herrera is going on to explore other leagues in the football world. He has already played in the La Liga and Premier League and now will go to Ligue 1. Ander is still considerably young and a quality midfielders so he should go around and explore as much as he can before he becomes older. Once he is older, after exploring a lot of the different leagues, he will have a better understanding of where he will play his final few years at before he retires.

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @pikash seems understoodable, Herrera as the subs for Rabiot, haha 😄

  • @gilbert-gentania Haha no, Rabiot just joined Juventus

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @pikash i know that, so herrera will take rabiot's place i mean

  • Hello!

    I made yesterday a not profissional highlights video of a football player called Tomás Esteves (it was my first experience, in fact). He is just 17 yet, play in FC Porto, in right back position and he's one of the portuguese hopes to the future.

    I ask you to watch my video, like it if you did, and give to us your feedback about Tomás.

    My regards

  • @gilbert-gentania Oh yeah, probably!

  • Antoine Griezmann is moving to Barcelona!
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    At the age of 29, the world cup winner, Antoine Griezmann, will be moving to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid. After spending nearly five seasons in Atletico Madrid, Antoine will be moving to another powerhouse. The signing has already been announced and he has performed his medical examinations. The transfer fee was 120 million, 10 million less than his value was.

    i feel that its good that he is moving to another club in the La Liga as he is most comfortable in the league as he has spent nearly 11 years in it.

    I hope the French striker enjoys his time at Camp Nou as much as he can before another phase of his life arises.

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    I love Messi guys !! 😍

    But seriously, what on earth made him act so unwisely? 🙄 What a mess ... 😞

    From top class athletes and world idols like Messi , people and fans should always expect top class behaviors and absolute integrity as well. ✌