player in training but still played

  • It might be normal but i always thought while a player is training he couldnt play but i think it happen with me.

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    This is possible!
    For instance, if you have 3 strikers and one of the 3 is in training and say you use a 433 formation with the other two on the field and the last slot empty, normally you won't be able to put him in the lineup but if left like that till simulation begins the engine will automatically put him in the line up to comelete the attack line.
    While in some cases, even when you have 4 strikers and you play 433 formation with 2 players in the line up one on the bench and one in training (say I want the one in training to play that game I'll simply leave him undressed for the game {he won't be on both the line up and the bench} if simulation starts with one slot on the attack line empty the player who is in training and undressed for the game will automatically be placed in the line up by the engine.

  • nice info. thanks. now i can train my player and make them play 😉

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    @xabrega Haha, just be careful you do your calculations right.


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