• Hi,

    me and my mates want to start a league with equally good teams apart from Premier League and Bundesliga. Are there any 5 teams that are equally strong in either France, Italy or Spain? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • @qurigh If you need only "5 teams that are equally strong" I suggest you Italy Serie A. But if you need totally equal league, then you and your mates can play in lower divisions of Top-5 European leagues like England, Spain, Italy, Germany or France.

  • @qurigh as he said, either Italy if you want only 5 equal or otherwise go in the special leagues, Pokémon one had all teams with the same stats and player power

  • @qurigh Albania has a really tight value I think from 1st to 7th is 4-5m difference but that's a short league. Brazil is a real fun one too 3 goal 1 teams and pretty good goal 4 teams also 👍