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    • Regulation (Informations and Rules): July 2

    • Registration: Until July 15

    • Ranking Disclosure: Until July 17

    • Posting of the distribution of the crews by the divisions: Until July 19

    • Posting Lineups: Until July 23

    • Posting the creation information for the leagues and beginning the battles: July 29


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    Crews Champioship - CC 2019/20

    Hello OSM managers! After the WNT and WCC, I bring you the Crews Championship - CC 2019/20!

    So you do not remember, CC is a division crews tournament. For years it was a very successful and highly anticipated tournament!

    The champions of the past are:
    2011/12 - Romanian Pwners
    2012/13 - SRBIJA
    2013/14 - RO MANIA
    2014/15 - RO MANIA
    2015/16 - Zeitgeist

    From 2016 the CC was stopped for lack of organizers. But this year she's back! For those who do not know, the CC is a crew tour divided into Divisions. Each division has 2 keys (A and B) and each key has 6 crews. For this new edition, we will have 6 to 8 divisions, where the classification of crews will be based on a ranking assembled from WCC 2017/18 and 2018/19.

    The winners of each key face off to know the Champion of each Division and the Champion of Division 1 will be the Champion of the CC! Up and Down: - The first 2 of each key go up from division and the last 2 descend from division. The fourth placed contests a repechage with the third of the bottom division to determine who goes up or down or stays!

    For groups that are not in the ranking, because they have never played the WCC, there will be an access division.

    `General rules are the same as the WCC. Next Monday we will release the document with all the rules!

    The confirmation of the participation of the crews is as follows:

    Crew Name - Confirmed!
    Leader name - type the nickname in the OSM

    Next week we will announce the complete calendar and all the rules! After the confirmation period, we will announce the ranking and distribution of the crews by the divisions!

    Starting Forecast: 07/29