• Hello everyone,

    After 5.5y I found again this game, with new graphs si much more interactive. After few tests and some readings, I'd like to share some stats and ask more active managers (not old, because my account is from 2013 🐶 ).

    1. Boss Coin plan for a season.
      For example, let's take France. 43 season days + 4 days preseason.
      19 x 4(friendly game) x 10 (days) = 760 boss coins for friendlies. This is important because player strength will grow faster and is good if you choose midd-table team. It's important to have a good start with quality players.
      4 x 4 (friendly game) x 30 (days) = 480 boss coins for next 30 days with following 4 teams in schedule list.
      15 x 15 = 224 boss coins for buying players from Scout option.
      10+20+50+100 = 180 boss coins for training camp assuming you have at least two active managers in the league
      3 x 4 =12 boss coins for secret training
      30 boss coins for extra buy transfers (except the ones with free add + cash).
      50 boss coins for instant sell if necessary

    Total: 1736 boss coins
    I don't discuss how boss coins should be gain, but I am curious if you have a buget plan for a team and how big it is.

    1. Stadium
      My order to expand Stadium is Training, Pitch and Capacity. By increasing training value, team is growing and value is increasing. What is your order list for Stadium expansion?

    2. Players
      Here is the good part and depends on your managerial skills to "feel" what player can be sold immediately on the very next day. With buying and selling, team can increase value and from poor budget team, you can buy World Class +100 players. I usually buy GK and DF for trade them in transfer chain. FW and MC players are getting sold much slower.
      For tactics, my favourites are 4-4-2B and 4-3-3B.

    3. Crew games.
      For this part I am not familiar and need to read. All my slots are currently in progress and cannot join battles.

    Cheers and good luck all!

  • @dardar_3 In short it's not sustainable not to purchase boss coins to do all these things every season so inevitably if you want to play the game without spending money you have to accept you're going to be decently handicapped compared to players who buy boss coins. The system was setup this way to make more people spend money the amount of boss coins you get every season you finish is not enough but i suppose it is a fun challenge to try and win a league with handicaps. I still resent osm for changing the game into a tacky p2w mobile game but what can you do i just try and enjoy the game despite it's flaws and p2w features.