I ordered Boss coins with the wrong account

  • Long story, short version: a couple of months ago I wanted to play OSM again. Downloaded the app and afterwards I had to create a new account, which is effectively this one. But I wanted to play with my old one. After some settings, that worked out.

    Now I did login onto my computer today and I wanted to buy some boss coins, which I did. The only problem is, that I just found out that I bought the boss coins with THIS account instead of the right one... Is it possible to transfer the boss coins from this account to the account I play with?

    Many thanks in advance...

  • @youri-ijnsen_nl Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunately no, that's not possible.
    Also I would like to remind you that if you'll read our terms, then you'll find that it's not allowed to own more then one osm account.

    You'll have to remove one of the accounts or you'll risk both of them to get locked.

  • @hespera
    Hi, yes I know. The only reason why I've got two, is because the app asked me to and I didn't knew the password and login of my former-account. But I got it back. I will shut down the other account, but I think it's quite strange you can not transfer the coins.

    I know it is my own fault (and I do understand there will be a lot of cheaters trying to do this kind of things, but this is truly an accident), but it's rather strange that I lost 19,99 in this way. Not a great service, in my opinion...

  • @youri-ynsen_nl That's why we've got email support. If you would have asked it here or on Dutch community forum, we could have sent you to the right direction.

  • No offense and just to inform you: I already send an email to the Dutch support just before I posted the question over here. For now the problem is not urgent, so I will await the answer before I close the other account with still over 2000 boss coins.

    Many thanks for your help in advance 🙂

  • @youri-ynsen_nl In that case you shouldn't contact different teams.
    But I was talking about asking the question what to do when you're not able to login to the account. Because creating a new account while old one isn't removed is still against terms of use and then also you wouldn't have this problem 😉

    Since your waiting at Dutch support this topic can be closed.