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    Hiya all 🙂 I took a quick look and couldn’t find any topics about food/beverages..so I thought I’ll start one myself...

    What’s your favorite food and beverage? Like when you gonto a restaurant..whats the first thing you look at? Or maybe when you go out for drinks..everybody have his own drink..what’s yours? And what’s your counties famous dish/snack/drinks?

    For example myself..I’m from Malta ( and yes, surprisingly enough our snack is not Maltesers 😛 ) ..we are famous for the way we cook rabbits and make bread. As a snack we have a packet called Twistees and the glorious Pastizzi 😱 . As for drinks we have our own beer called Cisk lager and softdrink called Kinnie 🙂

    As for ke when going out..I always tend to go for meat and my favorite drink is always whiskey with ice.

    Looking forward to hear about yours 🙂

  • I reall like pasta, litteraly every version and sauce... Surprisingly I'm not italian 😅

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    I like pizza.

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    A like pizza and turkish doner

  • I like pizza, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese. I also like Fanta.

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    i Like Sushi, pizza, al type of pasta s , and i m a big fann of big Meat.

    for drinks, i m really a Beer drinker. special beers especially with higher %.

    Belgium beers are very good.

    Doner and Kebab i also appriciate.

    The Golden M restaurant, i like for a quick snack such as a BIG Mac Menu.

  • Potatoes.

    I love Potatoes. Sweet or regular, in any kind of dish or shape I would never turn it down

    I try to stay away from fast foods and restaurants as much as possible but when I do want to treat myself I get Pizza .

  • I would like to try a Tim Tam 🤔 I wondering if they are like penguin bars!! tim tam.jpg