US Election: Clinton vs Trump

  • :flag_us: On Tuesday the US will decide who will be their 45th president. It has came down to two candidates:
    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the two most disliked candidates in US History! :flag_us:

    :flag_us: So who are you supporting? Are you with her or do you want to make America great again? :p :flag_us:

  • I am obviously supporting Clinton, I do not particularly like her, in fact I think she is very annoying, but to be honest I think even I could be a better president than Trump :p I think he is an awful person who has offended pretty much everyone!

  • Bad day for the world who ever wins from those 2... Obama would easilly wipe the floor with both candidates...

  • Bernie.........

  • This election is just a joke. Just like the democracy in the United States. In theory someone can win the presidential election with just 22% of the votes. The winner-takes-all isn't working the way it should. People in non swing-states are demotivated to vote.

    Not even talking about Clinton, maybe the next president of the United States. But at the moment the FBI is doing an investigation about some stuff of her.

    To be honest, in my opinion it is better if Trump wins. Yes, he is a racist. But I see a third world war coming up when Clinton wins. Better a racist as president of the US than someone who wages war.

  • There are over 300 million Americans, yet it is narrowed down to these two delusional narcissists to run the country.

    That being said, I hope Trump prevails since I can't wait to see that wall.

  • @DominicM_NL said in US Election: Clinton vs Trump:


    Yes, he would've been great! I don't know how Clinton beat him!

  • @King-Traore Yeah hopefully the wall would not be build with Lego. :D

    Hillary is an experienced politician you can't trust. I would easily take Trump over Hillary.

  • the funny side , (family guy - american sitcom) peter griffin in trump bus :smile:

    both are such a world new disaster , but clinton still better !

  • I support Trump. If he becomes president it will be better for Serbia and for relations between the two countries. Also, he admitted that NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. was a huge mistake. On the other side the responsible for the NATO bombing was Hillary's husband Bill. She will only continue his politics. If we speak generally about USA politics there was never a big difference between republicans and democrats, this is more a question of tradition and division, maybe with Trump it will be different. Yes, he is quite unpredictable, but most of his statements are only a show, even he doesen' believe in this, he wanted only present something ''other'', maybe strange, to attract voters. If Hillary becomes president nothing will be changed, USA will continue bombing around the world and start conflicts. Between 2 evils they have to chose one, and the better one is Trump for sure.

  • Has to be Clinton for me. If Trump gets in, I'm particularly worried about the Paris Climate Deal.
    He can't be allowed to tear that up.

  • Very curious tonight!

  • @AppieL_NL The whole world is looking forward to the decision. I say Trump will win.

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    @ruby2003 Wow this was the post that i had created ^^

  • @King-Noel supporting Trump ?

  • @mrtgll33 Yeah, I think he is much better than Clinton.

  • @King-Noel said in US Election: Clinton vs Trump:

    Yeah, I think he is much better than Clinton.

    I think so too.

  • Trump and Clinton both suck! We want Obama back!!!

  • @Baby-Isaac Well now the USA don't have a choice. Its either Trump or Hillary. Can't wait for the results....

  • The US is doomed regardless. But i have to choose i'll go for Trump because wanting to build a wall between the US and Mexico is better then wanting a no fly-zone in Syria that would require the US to go to war with Russia

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