Matches skipped 22nd August 2019 - Servers Down

  • As many of you noticed we had major problems with our servers and no one was able to access OSM.

    This wasn't a schedule maintenance. This was a problem with OSM servers.

    Due to this issue, we decided to skip all the remaining simulations for today.
    This means that if your match use to be simulated after 20:00 H UTC, tonight simulations will be skipped and everything will be resumed tomorrow (all timers should automatically adjust)

    We know that some of you probably won't like our call, but we think it's the one that will be the best for the majority of the users on those servers.

    NOTE: We may not be able to 'disable' simulations on ALL servers, so, just to be on safe side, if you're still on time, do your line ups. If this happens to you, our sincere apologies, but it's out of our control. We have to rely on other services to do this!

  • English Users

    Hello Sir, with all respect, I think that's not enough : we users have been taking consistent problems with the servers for years. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped playing 1 year ago ! Comming back to see this completely turns me off from the game. If you want to make the situation look slightly better, at least give the users a reward in Boss Coins, that might make some "free to play" users happy, while on the other hand, skipping simulations will only make everyone upset. I also want to point out that in your message you never appologise, which is extremely disrespectful in my opinion. Now, I think it's about time to solve this.

  • Dutch Users

    This post is deleted!
  • German Users

    I also set up a training camp and the opponent notices it now. That's a big shit and I want to get my bosscoins back

  • @keroro4 whats ur problem man? calm down, its just a game

  • English Users

    Also today's matches are replaced ?

  • Spanish Users

    @derwahredrogan said in Matches skipped 22nd August 2018 - Servers Down:

    @keroro4 whats ur problem man? calm down, its just a game

    For certain people, it is more than a game, figuratively for some OSM it is the daily bread of each day ... many take it very seriously and it is understandable.

    About the error, it is something that can happen, hopefully it does not happen so often.

  • Banned

    @datalcar LOL, "the daily bread of the day" 😂😂 This is nothing more than just a game. Some give more importance to it than others!

  • Spanish Users

    no seria 2019 ?

  • Spanish Users

    @andré2019xd hehehe it is, but it is something real, especially those who compete in the top competitions, there is a lot of money and time "invested".

  • Turkish Users

    If its not more than just a game. Its not hard thing resolution simple. Developers or GMs like should be can recompense all players lost with some bonus.

  • English Users

    @derwahredrogan A game that I pay to play and not only to have advantage against the others but also to support the good development of. When I see a game that was among the best years ago not being able to fix problems that have now been constant for more than 2 years , it's ridiculous...
    But if you think I'm upset , I'm not , I'm already used to it since 2014 when I first started playing.

  • German Users

    Matches of this day also not played if you can't do anything about it you maybe give us few boss match is always skipped from two days ago

  • English Users

    @hblauzahn Same here , I did it on the last 2 minutes so he couldn't do the same , my tactic changed on the last minute too ... I had to do secret training because of that ...

  • Dutch Users

    Today’s matches skipped again? The games I was supposed to play today are rescheduled with 24 hours delay.

  • No matches??????

  • Dutch Users

    No matches on all 3 active accounts on the Dutch version of OSM. Server Jaap mentions 100% simulation completed, but that was yesterday's match (cup final on my main account, so yes I am sure this match was already simulated yesterday).

    I hope OSM Staff is online tomorrow around match simulation time tomorrow, so that they can fix problems when it happens again.

  • Due to unfortunate circumstances the matches before 19:00 CET (World) / 21:00 CET (NL) are postponed untill tomorrow.

    All other matches will continue as planned.

    We’re sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

  • So, a legit question here. This is no rant or anything, in fact: I am quite happy with the simulations not being played, considering that it gives me a free day of preparation for my team to build up.

    But why do you delete all the angry comments about this unfortunate event happening?
    Players are trying to show their frustration about it, and isn't a forum about reflecting how you feel about a certain event or happening? Because in the eyes of those whose message got deleted, it might feel like you are simply trying to move around the criticism coming from the players by simply removing it, thus maybe giving them a feeling of not listening to the outings of the player base.

    Again, not a rant, im not mad or anything, I just want to know why their messages of disapproval (which in my eyes have the full right to be posted) simply get ignored by removing them instead of responding to them.

  • Banned

    @wesselderij_nl My friend, the only post
    that was removed from this topic was in Dutch Language, and the only language allowed in here is English. No one removed posts from users frustrated with this situation. Think twice before you post something like this!