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  • Hello guys,come to join my league. The fourth day in preparation. There are 18 remaining clubs, clubs that are not available MCU and Tottenham Hotspur. What are you waiting for! soon join the league before rolling :).
    0_1482672377871_bandicam 2016-12-25 19-58-49-249.jpg
    0_1482672498379_bandicam 2016-12-25 20-00-44-584.jpg
    0_1482672518821_bandicam 2016-12-25 20-01-12-228.jpg

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    There's no need to open up a new topic for league requests.
    We have one topic for that and that's enough.
    Please go there: league-recruits

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