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    So for the past 2 weeks I've been trying my hardest to sell some of my star players (100+ overall) but they simply do not sell for whatever reason

    Normally when I sell a 90+ I do the classic max value X 1.5 but I don't feel like this has been working for star players and also this would equate to about 60M to most players and that can't even get me a replacement with the same or more rating in the transfer list

    So, is there a formula to sell these players faster?


  • @jiren-the-gray hi mate

    i decrease slowly to sell some of my players in the transfer list.

    for example, my player in the list to 50m and he didn't sell first day

    i decrease to the my player's value to 49m.

    he didn't sell second day again, i decrease to the ronaldo's value to 48m again.

    so i can sell faster to the my players.

    you can try it