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    Played a game against a team that was better than mine in every position (anywhere from 2 to 10 ratings higher).
    Usually in this situation i go with a 451 to defend and hopefully get a cheeky counter attack victory. However, I only have 6 midfielders in my squad and one of them had a red card ban. An injury during the game to one of the midfielders would ruin the next 2-6 games.

    Therefore, I went all in on the attack. 433A with a recently signed 92 Asensio and a wicked 88 rated 19 year old winger.

    The game ended up being a thriller, but sadly went the wrong way, 4-3 to the visitors.

    There's just one slight problem...

    The opponents got 3 PENALTIES AWARDED TO THEM!!!

    Tackling was normal and the referee was yellow, but nope, just casually give the opponents 3 penalties to give them a win they don't deserve.

    And who's got the responsibility of taking the penalties? The worst attacking player at the club, bloody Erik Lamela. The scoreline should have been 5-3 but he missed the first penalty he took!

    I feel cheated out of win that would have put me in 2nd Place with a team objective of 13 AND also unseated the opponents from the top of the table. Utterly Stupid.

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