Forum offline: 2019-10-09 00:00H UTC

  • Hi all,

    We'll go offline later today/tonight (around midnight) for maintenance!

    If all goes as planned it should take around half an hour and will happen at the announced time.

    We don't expect any problems, but this is not an exact science, which means that sometimes things can go wrong and take longer than expected.

    Please accept our apologies but we need to do this for a better performance of our forum!

  • -Changes on forums after update/maintenance
    • Several bug fixes (some not visible to users)
    • Due to the changes on the access system to different categories (forums) it was needed to adjust all settings, so if you lost access to something you should have, just let us know
    • We now have two new features to be used on our forums:
      • Center Text
      • Spoiler


    -> Hello world! <-