Winners of Signed Jersey Events

  • On this topic we'll try to announce the winners of the Signed Jersey Events.

  • Winners of Signed Jersey Event - European Elite Cup (Tournaments)

    Hi managers,

    As some of you may have noticed, the Signed Jersey winners that were announced last Wednesday didn't actually win an European Elite Cup. Due to the new game mode, we unfortunately made a mistake with identifying the winners. Instead of looking at the Cup winners only, we looked at all Group Stage winners.

    We have decided to draw 4 new winners who actually won an European Elite Cup. The 4 new winners of a Signed Jersey are:
    🏆 Mihai Viziteu

    🏆 mariocobzaru

    🏆 62Xzaxzax

    🏆 polveriera1984

    The other 4 winners will get their jersey as well of course!

    We have contacted the new winners by an announcement in OSM.

    The OSM Team

    Signed_Jersey_tournaments winners.png