[AUTHORIZED] Balkan Winter Cup - Individual Championship of Balkan

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    Balkan Winter Cup – Individual Championship of Balkan

    Balkan OSM Community is organizing what we hope will be the first of many Individual Championships of Balkan.

    What is Balkan OSM Community? We are a group of 120+ active and enthusiastic OSM managers from the Balkan region. We have formed 5 crews; Wolves of Balkan, Gladiators of Balkan, Lions of Balkan, Gods of Balkan & Sharks of Balkan. We act together, communicate daily and work on improving the reputation of Balkan countries in the world of OSM.

    Championship organization:

    Registration deadline: December 15th 2019.

    Tournament start date: December 20th 2019.

    Managers from the following countries can apply: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria.

    Requirements for registration: at least 35.000 manager points or at least 350 battle points

    The championship will be played in a 24 team league format.
    Tournament league: English 4th Division

    If there will be more than 24 and less than 48 (or more than 48) applied managers the ones with the most manager points and battle points will be selected by the following equation:
    Manager score = Manager points + (Battle points x 100)

    Manager score will be the decisive factor in assigning teams in the league. Principle will be the following: Manager with the best manager score is assigned to an obj 1 team etc.

    The winner of the cup and The Champion of Balkan will be the player who wins the league (the final results will be published on this topic after we calculate the negative points (if any).

    • No training camps
    • No instant sales (penalty -1 point)
    • Buying players from other manager is not allowed (penalty -2 points)
    • Boss coin compensation will be turned off
    • Friendly games against other managers are not allowed (penalty -2 points)
    • 6 secret trainings allowed

    You can apply for the tournament via this link:

    For all the questions and information feel free to ask in this topic, my team and I will look to answer as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    IvanAndal, Wolves of Balkan & Balkan OSM Community founder and captain

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    Could you take a look at this topic and read carefully all posts on the first page.

    Topic closed!

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    Tournament/Topic authorized by English Community Management Team!

    Good luck to you all and have a wonderful Tournament 👍

  • @IvanAndal The tournament is cool, but i cant participate, because i have not enough managers points. Greetings for lipa nasa

  • @Hacdim thanks mate. I hope you will have enough points next year 🙂

  • I realize I might have overlooked one rule, but I also believe it goes without saying.

    Every match in which we see a result that seems fixed or tanked on purpose for the benefit of someones ranking will be reported to OSM support and managers participating in such a match will be banned from the competition.
    In addition, we encourage every manager to follow the results and their opponents and warn us about every violations of the tournaments rules.

    fair-play OSM.jpg

  • @IvanAndal Boss, 👏👏👏👏

  • This is the list of managers currently registered for the
    Balkan Winter Cup 2019./2020.

    BWC popis 17.11..png

    We are proud and honored to have such great players in our competition.

    I remind everyone that registrations are open until December 15th.

  • Great initiative! Good luck with organisation and I hope you will have an epic competition. Nice to see that Balkan region is again having decent activity in this game 🙂

    As for myself, I am thankful for the invitation, but I wont be able to participate. I simply dont play this game seriously enough anymore to be part of "bigger competitions". I dont like to participate in some things in which I cannot dedicate myself 100% and that is the case for me when it comes to OSM nowadays.

    Once again, best of luck to everyone, may the best win 😉

  • I am glad there are more active players from the Balkans, and I hope you will have great tournament.

    I must said I miss oldschool hangouts and chats on our forums (serbian and croatian) that has been abolished. It was nice place to be

  • The great boss @IvanAndal can you write how many people have signed up for this tournament and who ??

  • @Ado-Hackovic currently there are 69 people registered. I will post the full list after the registration period, but you can see most of the registered managers couple of posts above.

    Dear managers, semifinal start date is postponed by one day so semifinal leagues will start on December 21st. I'm sorry if it couses inconveniance for anyone but I have a bussiness meeting on the 20th and will not be able to coordinate things on that day.

  • i am from Romania. Romania is in balkans. it's ok ? pls invite me.

  • @dragoslucky Romania has her own community management, group of language and a forum of her own , therefore you cannot participate in this competition. This competition is a competition for managers from the Balkan countries, who do not have a forum of their own language.

  • @Ado-Hackovic

    so where is greece?

  • @makarovvvvv said in [AUTHORIZED] Balkan Winter Cup - Individual Championship of Balkan:


    so where is greece?

    Sorry mate, I was asking around the greek community if they are interested in participating and no one even answered me, thats why Greece is not included. If we will have interested players for the next years edition we will gladly include Greece.


    EVERYONE, please make sure you register under your real ingame name so that we could find you when we'll be sending invites. If you typed your name incorrectly please comment your real ingame name here, otherwise we will not be able to send you the invite. 🖖🙂

  • @IvanAndal yeah i came back after long time

  • @makarovvvvv ok mate. Glad you're back. So keep I'll try to keep in mind to include Greece next year so that you can compete 👍
    Btw. If you're in a search for an active crew you can join our Balkan Community, we have 8 crews made completely of balkan players. We alredy have 2 greek players and we would be honoured to have more 🙂

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