Can I actually compete in my league without spending money on the game?

  • Hi, I just got this game, and I'm probably not willing to invest real money into this yet, but I still want to be somewhat competitive in my league. Can I get some unbiased opinions about how realistic this is?

  • You can compete without spending money. I don't spend money on this game, so I always sell all my players until I have my best team of 11 starters and 7 subs. I always sell those players at their max price to get the most money possible, even though you have to be patient at times. Also, you must use your scout if you want to compete in a league with a lot of active managers, especially in small leagues that start off with low rated transfer lists. After I have my best 18 players, I buy 2 or 3 scouted players and players from the transfer list as the season goes on. Since I don't have a huge amount of boss coins, I try to always sell players at a decent amount above their value or at max price. A rule I always go by: Always have at least one player on the transfer list at any point during any type of season.

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