OSM WC 2020 Edition

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    Hey bosses, OSM World Championship is back with it's 2020 edition!

    What is OSM World Championship?

    OSM World Championship is an official event organized by the OSM staff for the outstanding managers in this game, based on the total number of manager points they earned during a set period. No cheaters or managers with forum bans will be allowed to join the competition and play in it, whether they were found guilty during the qualification period, after it, or during the World Championship itself.

    2020 Edition of OSM WC will be played in same format as 2019 edition:

    Best 4 qualified from last edition final + Best 8 from manager points WC list are automatically qualified but they must play 1st round in the 13rd league.

    • 1st round: 12 leagues of 12 managers each one. (Best 3 goes to next round)
    • Semifinal: 4 leagues of 12 managers each one. (Best 3 goes to next round)
    • Final: 1 league with 12 manager to know our 2020 WC champion.
         What must you know about get 
                a place in WC?
    • Only leagues with a minimum of 14 matches played on it will be taken into account
    • Qualification period will be between 1st December and 31st May, but only leagues that finish from 14th December onwards will be taken into account
    • We'll be doing random checks on managers that are on TOP 500 on this period, so if you're thinking on take a short cut to qualify, think twice.
    • Managers who have been punished in game between 01/2019 and day that WC begins can't take part!

    Starting date: Not yet defined, but should be early July 2020!

      What can I do in this topic until  
        WC qualification period ends?

    An example about how let us know your manager points...

    Markez17 (Slot 1)

    22/12/2019 - Team A - 2000 manager points
    20/01/2020 - Team B - 3200 manager points
    20/02/2020 - Team C - 2500 manager points

    Total between 14/12/2019 and 31/05/2020: 7700 manager points!

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    PS: Now (November) it's time for suggestions too, feel free to share yours but we don't want big changes and if you give us a suggestion, it doesn't mean that automatically will be implemented in this championship and this edition, thanks for your time!

  • Dear Manuel, for some of us, including me, is very import to know if the leagues where we'll play will be the same type with defenders of 50 and midfielders of 80. If yes, I'll skip.
    Thnks for your answer

  • Global Staff

    @scorzinho Hello, players will have a random value as always. Maybe we can have again a round with "bad" defenders or another position, until league creation day we won't know 100%.

    Most important thing is that all teams have same value and players type!

  • @Markez17 One of the most important but not the most one or at least not the only one. Is not a problem and I don't want to change this, just that I won't be in this competition. But no stress, maybe I even not qualify.

  • I have never looked at the OSM World Championship before but I am interested to participate now, but it's not clear to me if I can participate in the qualification or not. Can I participate in the qualification of this Championship or is this exclusive for top 500 teams?

  • Global Staff

    @KoningCo Hello, it's nice to hear that!

    To qualify, you just need to be into the 152 first managers who recollect more manager points with a slot from 14th December to 31st May 🙂

    Checking is to TOP 500 during this period not TOP 500 on Ranking.

  • French Moderator

    Hi @Markez17 ,

    Just want to clarify a point of the rules. You say that only points earned after December 14th count, so for instance, would you include a league where the last game is played on December 13th and the league "disappears" from the account on the 14th?

  • Global Staff

    @H-Mainguy If in your profile appears 14/12/2019, it counts!

  • @Markez17 World cup qualifiers start today. Leagues starting today or later an ending 14th December or later are eligible for qualification.
    Are there any changes?

  • Global Staff

    @Marjan-Andžić it's easy and I already explained it in previous editions, your leagues counts if it have been finished between 14th December and 31st May and you play at least 14 matches in this league.

  • @Markez17 Do you know how many points were required to qualify for the last edition? I checked back in the 2019 topic, but the number of points was not mentioned there. It would be nice if you post a guideline so I can estimate if I have a chance to qualify or not.

  • Global Staff

    @KoningCo sorry but there isn't a minimum needed to qualify, each edition changes because it depends of other managers and the manager points they get, if they accept to participate or not, etc.

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