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    I’m currently rebuilding Arsenal in Slot 4. I’ve put an attacker in Lacazette, a midfielder I forgot the name of and a defender I also forgot the name of into the transfer list. Lacazette has been in the transfer list for 6 days while the 2 players have been there for 3 days. While all other teams are making moves I can’t even do so because I can’t sell my players. I have been constantly lowering the selling prices for them but still there isn’t any progress. It’s match day 2 and I’m currently 15th in the League table. Anyone could answer my question to save my season...

  • @ikloiwvie I think that you should put Lacazette at a very low price considering that he has been on the transfer list for 6 days. Maybe you should even quick sell him if you want to make a transfer right now. You should probably only put him 3-5 million over his real value if you are considering leaving him on the transfer list right now unless you are willing to wait longer. If he still doesn't sell, just lower his transfer price by 2 million every day, and it is almost guaranteed he will sell.

    The other 2 players should maybe lower their price by 1-1.5 million per day if you don't want to wait much longer. Once again, maybe you should just quick sell them if you want to buy new players right now.

    Also could you please tell me the price that the three players are listed on the transfer list right now? This information would be very helpful for me to know so I can give you more advice depending on their current listed price right now.

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    @uchenna-a Thank you so much.

  • @ikloiwvie You are quite welcome mate. Happy to help 🙂