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    I am rebuilding Arsenal. I have always done my best to make my squad as young as possible and fill it with 90+ rated players. However, every human-controlled team seems to be better than mine because they are signing world stars after world stars. How did they manage to do so?? I am quite concerned about that because I just drew a game I should have won against and those teams all manage to 100% ensure wins. If I don't turn things around it would be too late (I am now double digit points from first place). It would be grateful if you can help. Thank you.

  • @ikloiwvie They are probably able to buy world star players after world star players because they sell multiple already good players at their max price so they can buy 1-2 world star players at a time. It is kind of like building up your squad by "trading" maybe 3-4 85-90 overall players at their max price to get 1-3 world star players. This is usually expected to happen in big leagues, especially in the Premier League because it is not like Ligue 1 where teams are heavily outweighing other teams before the league starts. So I think you will have to do the same thing as the other human-controlled teams are doing on the transfer list and also what I said the buying/selling tactic they are probably doing to get world star players. In bigger leagues that have active managers, it is important to keep up with the fast-paced transfer list, especially as you get deeper into the season when more and more world star players are being bought and better players are being sold at their max price. If you don't do what most of the league is doing in the transfer list, your team will fall behind in terms of squad value and most likely results. And we don't want that, do we? So good luck with the transfer list. 🙂

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    @uchenna-a Oh I now see my problem. I haven’t really done a rebuild for championship. In all my previous rebuilds, I have just been making my squad younger and younger and not really elevating my squad to title contention. Thanks for your advice.

    But one thing I wanna know. How they sold players at max price. I once tried to put Lacazette at 39-41 M (Not even the max)he hasn’t been sold for 6 days. In the 4th day Everton has already secured the services of Mbappe, world star class...

  • @ikloiwvie Yeah I was dealing with this same problem with one of my other OSM friends because he is also having trouble selling Lacazette. I think he hasn't sold because the transfer engine is very random, and this is a well-known fact about the transfer engine. I think the only solution is to keep lowering his price by maybe 3-5 million every day to get him to sell quicker. Also remember that the higher the player value, the harder it is to sell them at a high price.