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    We ate in our league with our friends. the person who reported my friend has blasphemy messages and although he does not respond to him was the person who ate ban. we have made transfers with each other in the game this is quite normal. his name is Yavuz Selcuk Barut and demand the opening of the account, a very old player and gave years. We don't want to quit the game, so I'd like to be done.f8242d28-6355-432e-8d41-3f8fda904090.jpg ed3b6ca9-e04a-4798-bca0-7b8df56eca86.jpg

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    Locks/Bans/Suspension will never be handled via forums.

    Tell your friend to login to his account via web and he'll find the option to appeal.

    And think carefully of your choice of words when filing your appeal.

    Good luck!