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  • Daftar Kru Indonesia yang berpartisipasi di Star Cup 2020

    Babak Playoff :
    The Strong Brotherhood (PM) vs Academia UB2
    BASSI TOAYYA (PM) vs Bus Manager
    Vinsmoke Revolution (PM) vs North Elite
    INDEPENDENCE74 (PM) vs Guerreiros Hooligans
    Alma Brasileira vs BNM New Generation

    Babak 2 :
    Glory of Indonesia (PM) vs LIGA OSM PNC
    Vinsmoke Family (PM) vs BnM 2014

    Bagi yang bertanding di babak playoff, harap mengirim line up nya di link pada post 1.

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  • Semua kru diingatkan untuk check in agar terdaftar di Star Cup
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  • Untuk babak Star Cup kali ini akan dimainkan di liga Australia, liga harus dibuat pada tanggal 21 Januari 2020 pukul 04.00-06.00 WIB

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    STAR CUP ‚Äď 5th Edition - 2020

    The 5th Edition of the Star Cup will have entries made by Challonge only.

    Registration open: December 10, 2019.
    Application Deadline: January 15, 2020.
    Competition starts: January 20, 2020.

    Contest groups will receive a confirmation message on January 18th at Challonge, and the captain of each group must confirm their Challonge Check-in.

    The Tournament may be accompanied by the site.

    Tournament Format

    · Will be performed in 5x5 battles.

    · Elimination If there is an excess of registered GROUPS, a first qualifying round will be held (Playoff)

    NOTE: If there is a larger number of subscribers than necessary, it will be necessary to perform the playoffs. And the criteria for determining which groups will play these playoffs and which groups will play the next round directly are as follows:

    ¬∑¬†1¬ļ - Final placement in the last STAR CUP (2019).

    And if the groups did not participate in the last STAR CUP, the 2nd criterion is valid ...

    ¬∑¬†2¬ļ - Group creation date.

    Any guidance from the Organization contrary to the regulation shall have no effect. Only what is written in this document is valid.

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    1.1 Participants:
    Groups from around the world can participate without restrictions.

    1.2 Group eliminated by W.O. in the 4th Star Cup:
    The group that in the last edition of the Star Cup was eliminated by W.O. or any type of Anti fair play, will be prohibited from participating in this edition of the competition.

    1.3 Group creation time:
    The group must have at least 3 months of creation. Until the day of registration open.


    2.1 Managers Tranfers
    A coach may only play for one group during the tournament to prevent any group from benefiting from transfers during the tournament. This may result in a penalty of -200 points.

    Example: Coach-1 played in Group-X the first round, but in the second round Coach-1 moved to Group-Y, so he is prevented from playing for Group Y on CNBG of the same year.


    3.1 Purchases and sales in early league simulations
    Purchase of players from the transfer list is allowed only after the league's first sales simulation. Buying players from the transfer list before the sales simulation is considered a penalty of -50 points per purchased player.

    3.2 CPU offers
    CPU offers cannot be accepted at any time; and will also have a penalty of -50 points for each player sold to the CPU by offering.

    3.3 Instant sales
    Instant sales will not be allowed, resulting in a penalty of -50 points per sale.

    3.4 Sales at original value
    Players may not be sold at their exact market value. It will have to be sold below or above its market value, if sold at the exact value will also result in a penalty of -50 points.

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    3.5 Internal Transfers
    Purchasing players from members of the same group is prohibited, resulting in a penalty of -100 points.


    4.1 Training Camps:  
    The use of 4 stages per trainer is allowed, with the visualization available, it is up to each group to control this amount and also the organization of the competition if there is a need to clarify doubts, having the power to request prints of the training camps performed by the managers. any time. Use of extra stages is penalized -200 points for each extra stage used;

    4.2 Secrets Trainings:  
    The 6 secret trainings per managers are valid.


    They are only friendly between members of the same group, without limit of use. Friendly match against opposing group coaches is penalized - 100 points for each friendly played.

    1. GENERAL

    6.1 Timers & Funds Compensation:
    Timers and funds clearing will be disabled to prevent the use of Boss Coins to terminate instant evolution activities.

    6.2 Battlepedia Rules:
    Other Battlepedia rules remain valid.

    (Except purchases between trainers in the same group, they are prohibited.)

    6.3 Posting Results:
    The battle winning group will be required to post the final battle result (if the opponent does not post) within 24 hours of the end of the league. Failure to do so may result in the group being punished with -100 points per hour late for the next phase.

    1. FAIR PLAY

    7.1 Plots, cheating and irregularity.
    Conspiracy with other participants is not allowed. This includes illegal transfers and all other behaviors that may indicate this type of illegality. If these rules are broken they should be reported to the OSM Staff through the tool: Report cheating. And if the organization interprets it as cheating or bad faith, it will eliminate those involved.

    7.2 Offenses
    Offending the organization or arranging intrigues on the Forum will result in penalties for the coaches involved for eliminating the same from this 5th Star Cup and 6th Star Cup Edition.

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    7.3 W.O
    May be considered W.O. the group give up the battle, do not post the alignment until the start of the league. The value of W.O. will be the average score of battles the team played before giving up the tournament. And the rules cited later in topic 9.1 will apply.


    Battle 1 - Group A 550 x 1050 Group B = Balance 500
    Battle 2 - Group A 400 x 1340 Group C = Balance 940
    Battle 3 - Group A leaves the Tournament.

    The result of the battle will be Team A 0x820 Team D (500 + 940) / 2 = 720


    If there is any merger between groups, the punctuation and penalties (if any) of the group that changes the name will apply.


    9.1 Eliminations due to W.O or other punishment.
    The group that is eliminated from this edition by WO, gives up the competition or some kind of punishment, the group and all the coaches belonging to it at the time of the competition (even if they change groups in the next edition) will be prevented from playing the next edition of the competition. tournament.


    10.1 Create the wrong league:
    The League must be created as stipulated. Should the League Moderator create it incorrectly, the manager group will be punished by -100 points and a new league must be created correctly. And if it is created wrong again it will lead to the elimination of the group and become the same point system to calculate W.O (as all penalties for W.O).

    10.2 Wrong Team Choice:
    The managers who chooses a team other than the one stipulated for him, his group will suffer a penalty of -100 points.

    10.3 Sending Invitations:
    Invitations must be sent by the moderator to all members at the same time, the maximum limit is 5 minutes after league creation to send all invitations. If it is proven that there has been a delay in sending invitations from one group to another (for whatever reasons), the league's creator group will be penalized by -50 to -100 points. Delay up to 1 to 10 minutes (-50 points), 10 minutes onwards (-100 points).

    Note: We suggest that the league creator group record a league creation video, because if there are any accusations of delayed invitations, the video will be the sole means of defending the accused group.

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    Other information

    Any questions or complaints should be reported to the organization via the forum competition topic, all questions should be posted to the topic and at least 1 of the organizers should be cited.

    If an error is identified in the policy, inform the Organization immediately for review and correction.

    If a correction or change in the regulation is necessary, it will be corrected and notified in the fórum.

    As an Unofficial Tournament, the decision of the Organization is sovereign, provided it does not exceed the OSM Rules.

    Sincerely, Kevin Cristian.

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