Football Master Series (FMS)

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  • FMS is beginning to make a name for itself among crews and managers although it is still a young competition. I am sure that shortly, there will be more than 100 crews registered at the start of the next editions. FMS is brilliant idea of @Markez17 with a perfect organization and a great format (4 editions per year with 2 rounds each). This way, teams can compete with each other almost continuously all year long. Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Congrats to the winner @ReneG and to all managers for their strong involvement in FMS!
    Thank you, also for the BCs 😀

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    @Markez17 well organized and thanks for the coins 👍

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    Hello all!

    I have been waiting 1-2 days after 2nd edition ended and let you all enough time to give you nice words to other managers and crews... As you all know since the beggining, now I need to be focus on WC during June until 1st round begins, reason why FMS 3rd edition should be postponed to, more or less, 15th July.

    I'm the last one who want it but I must give you a sad new: Maybe we don't have more FMS editions due to external reasons and I don't want to leave you suddenly while the competition is running. During July first week, I will announce the final decision and the schedule if we continue with this competition.

    I want to give you all my viewpoint as FMS (And events in general) organizer:

    • If you see in the topic, we just have some minimum activity when editions end and not during it, seems a monologue of me updating with images and calling you all to participate in predictions games.
      I think I try everything on my hands, improving each edition, but if you as managers don't want to move a finger to give some activity here and make it more interesting and social... I'm not sure I must invest so much time to organize it and take incount all details.

    • In general, I see leagues with high level here, where most of them don't have a winner until last 2-3 rounds. But this edition, we had much more managers who didn't read rules, basic rules that it's impossible to not understand if you read it or ask about if you have doubts. My english isn't good, but I think i'ts understable.

    • This competition won't be a replacement of OSM battles, it's not my idea and never was. FMS is an event where experienced crews can compete during whole years against others without collusion, in a simple way where everyone has same chances and you need to effort if you want to win.

    I'm going to close the FMS topic during June but my PM inbox is always opened.

    Thanks for read the message and take part of the competition, see you soon!

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    Hello to everybody!

    June is already ended and, as I promised, we have news about FMS:

    • At least during this year I'm keep organizing this event. It means we are going to have 3rd and 4th edition and after it, maybe the special winter edition.
    • I expect less crews than 2nd edition but we are going to have FMS while we keep having at least 36 crews. Reason is easy to understand, we have a lot of competitions for crews in different communities and it's a fact that some crews want to play everything but don't have enough managers.

    Have variety of events in our forums it's a really good news, managers/crews can decide which competitions priorize to play. Here in FMS it's not a problem if your crew can't join all editions, you are welcome for those ones you can.

    The schedule for next two FMS editions is:

    FMS 3rd edition - Schedule

    • From 06/07 to 12/07 - Sign up.
    • From 13/07 to 15/07 - Prepare leagues and contact managers.
    • 16/07 - 1st round starts.
    • 14/08 - 2nd round starts. (Maybe we need to change it to Monday 17/08)

    FMS 4th edition - Schedule

    • From 07/09 to 13/09 - Sign up.
    • From 14/09 to 16/09 - Prepare leagues and contact managers.
    • 17/09 - 1st round starts.
    • 16/10 - 2nd round starts. (Maybe we need to change it to Monday 19/10)

    Remember to read FMS rules and FAQs before ask a doubt or sign up your crew, we have some minor changes.

    Thank you for your time reading me, keep in contact!

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