NO quitters welcome

  • 1st of all thank you everyone for playing in the previous leagues that our IDAS moderator deak has sorted. Thought I better make a post on the new forums as nobody goes on our crew ones anymore!

    Well done to everyone that won the leagues, cups and made it to the final league. Here's the list that made it.

    Jeffro davies
    Magnuuus (best 4th)
    Fabbio Gabello

    Phaultsberg from TDP will be doing the draw for teams/goals. Invites will be off me on the 2nd of January. Hong Kong is the league. Soon as I have the teams/goals I will post them on this thread

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    But none of our staff team has approved this topic.
    I'm sorry but this topicwill be closed.

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