Let's talk about the mess that is the calendar and its randomization

  • The calendar and its randomization are absolutely terrible. It's not even completely randomized, many teams actually have the same one, just with a 2 or 3 day offset. And not just that, it makes some parts of a season absolutely unplayable! How am I supposed to play Fiorentina (with manager) on matchday 1, Inter Milan (with manager) on matchday 2, Lazio (with manager) on matchday 3, Napoli (with manager) on matchday 4 AND Bologna (you guessed it, WITH manager) on matchday 5? If that's the way you're going to "randomize" the game days you should at least boost player fitness to be able to endure more games. It's a pain and also quite frankly unfair compared to teams that play against other managers every other day.

  • I would say #GitGud. Schedule is delivered when the league is created. It can't know whether all teams will have managers, or not. Improve your team building and managing skills and you'll be fine.

  • English Users

    Some managers join after the league has started, and creating a calendar under many restrictions (applying to all managed teams) is difficult to do. It's unfortunate but what can be done?

  • Just change your starter XI so that you line up your players in best shape. And make sure you also keep buying and selling players (players signed off the TL come in a pristine state, with maximum fitness and morale).